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Sunday, 22 April 2018

After four years within the university, i
graduated and i got out with grade A, My
end result became one of the great if not
the high-quality for that very year. The Lord
truly used Mr Danny to sponsor me in
university, i dont know a way to thank him. .
After my adolescents carrier, i began looking
for Jobs, this is every other atypical and
communicable scenario for me, now not
that i didn’t see job however am not seeing
the form of job that equates to the extent of
my know-how, the sort of job am seeing is
not for a graduate like me. I wrote
application letter to many companies and
bigger places of work however all to no
avail. .
One day, i was sleeping and dozing, i in no
way knew that my telephone was ringing,
later i woke and noticed 5 neglected calls, it
turned into one of the organizations where
i submitted my task application, they’re
calling me for an interview. i later got a text
message from them inviting me to come
back for an interview the following day. i
was so glad and i informed God to secure
the Job for me, the following day i dressed
up and went for the interview, when I got
there, i met about 20 persons that got there
for that same interview, the job become
simply a hot cake, almost evryone need it. I
sat down with them and became
anticipating my very own turn to be
interviewed, after 12 people, i was called to
be interviewed, i quick entered the office of
the interviewer. I greeted him “Gooday Sir”,
he nod his head and was busy writing
something, while he completed writing, he
requested me my name, i instructed him
that my name is Angela. the subsequent
conversations ensured between me and

Interviewer: what’s your name?
Me: My name is Angela sir.
Interviewer: How old are you?
Me: Am 24years vintage sir.
Interviewer: Do you have got any operating
revel experience?
Me: No sir this is my first time.
Interviewer: If we have to give you this job,
how can you figure to work for the
Me: Sir i pledge to work tirelessly for the
increase of the organization, i can convey
out the nice in me, i can work as if am
working for my personal hobby, i will
preserve my role and will ensure i achieve
my intention that’s success to the
Interviewer: Wow! that’s true. .
After the interplay, as i was about leaving
the workplace, he requested me another
Interviewer: Did you dirt your shoe on the
foot-mat out of door before entering this
workplace? whilst he asked me this query, i
was certainly harassed, i couldn’t recollect
whether i dusted my shoes or not, and for
me not to free the task i speedy replied
him…”sure sir i dusted my shoes at the foot-
mat out of door earlier before i entered”
Interviewer: good enough you could pass
now. .
once I got out of the office door, i noticed
that there has been no foot-mat at the
entrance of the office, i later noticed that the
interviewer just tested my religion to realize
how straightforward i am, he knew that
there has been no foot-mat at the entrance
and that changed into how i misplaced the
task. I waited for a textual content message
from the employer however i didn’t get it
and i was disqualified. This changed into a
painful experience i had but i endured
looking for a job. .
I looked for a job extra than 2years after my
graduation from the college, i have become
pissed off, worn-out and discouraged, i
have been praying however it appears God
does not hear me, after spending 5years
within the university and now i’ve spent
extra 2years trying to find a job, i lost wish
of getting a job and determined to loosen
up and just neglect about everything.
After 3years of no job, there was one
specific Saturday morning about 11:00 am, i
was just relaxing on a chair, i noticed an
sms that reads…..”hey Angela you are invited
to come for an interview at Champac
funding Company”, i was very satisfied and
the following day i went for the interview,
after I got there behold it become just
most effective and it was just only me that
came for the interview, the security man
took me to the office of the supervisor and
the supervisor took me to the proprietor of
the enterprise.

I met the owner of the business enterprise
one on one, he informed me that the job is
only for me and its for no one else but for
me. i was very happy and that i knelt down
thanking the man, he advised me to get up
that God have answered my prayers.
He stated i have to come and resume work
on Monday however if most effective i come
to meet him at New palace hotel the next
day by 7pm, i asked him what for, he
instructed me that i should have s*x with
him before i can archive this achievement of
having the job.
I pleaded with him and informed him that
God will bless him if he overlook
approximately s*x and deliver me the job, he
informed me that God have blessed him

He discharged me and stated i should move,
i picked up my bag and left, i by no means
agreed to have s*x with him first, i made up
my mind in no way to do it.
when i got home, i started considering it,
I spent 5years in school,
i’ve spent greater 3years at home,
my mom is terrible,
i’m additionally negative.
i was simply questioning and questioning,
the salary was of two hundred thousand
naira monthly [200,000.00]. if i leave out this
opportunity i dont think i’m able to get it
out of frustration and poverty, i made up my
thoughts to go and sleep with the him to
get the job.
the following day around 7pm, i went to
meet the man on the inn room where he
requested me to come, when i got there, i
told him that am ready to have s*x with him
for the job,
I told him that i’ve made up my mind.
we’ve no longer entered the inn room first,
we had been status outdoor having the
dialogue, when I instructed him that i’ve
agreed, he started out shaking his head and
became no longer
glad, he said that i’ve failed the task.
It happens that the man wanted a God
fearing lady to employ and to marry, the
woman will be his wife and also occupy the
office as his worker.
so one of my pal in the university told him
that one among his friends known as
Angela may be relied on,
she is a God fearing girl and she cannot be
enticed with cash to reduce to rubble
herself, the man disagreed and both of them
constant up this concept of testing me, he
said if i pass the test, i will be employed
robotically and he’ll marry me and surrender
the business enterprise to me, he have other
bigger companies in united states of
America so he wanted a God fearing girl
whom he can trust.
I started crying and begging the man to
forgive me that it wasn’t my mind to do it, i
just determined to do it out of poverty and
frustration of lifestyles. He told me that he
can’t do anything more or less, i failed the
test and i’m not worthy for the job, he
stated had it been i ignored the concept he
could have given me a call to come
and resume work on Monday morning.
This turned into how i misplaced it at last.

  • The-End

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