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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Its a new day, the sun rising and the gentle
breeze tossing gently, another new day for
me to thank God for giving me an admission
and providing a sponsor for me also, i
prayed that early morning like never before
and the sound of my voice woke my
sleeping mother and she joined me in the
prayer, after we finished the prayer, i took
my bath, wore my clothes and went to the
bank to withdraw the money sent to me by
Mr Danny, the man that promised to sponsor
me in the university.
After i returned from the bank, i went
straight to the market and bought all the
necessary things i needed.

The next day being the day of my vacation
to school, my mother prayed for me and
advised me to always stand strong in
whatsoever am doing, she warned me to be
careful with friends and never to follow bad
Finally i traveled and landed in the school
premises, when i was entering the school
compound, a guy stopped me and he
introduced himself as Johnson, he told me
that he will like us to become friends, i told
him that am just coming for the first time
and i dont know anybody here, he told me
never to worry that he will help me with
whatever help i may need. i told him that i
dont need any help for now, he then
requested that i should give him my
number, i argued with him but out of
perturbation, i gave him my number.

University is just another world entirely, its a
place where you will do whatever you like
and nobody will question you, i rented an
apartment and was living all alone, oneday a
friend of mine pleaded to come and live
with me, i accepted because i was feeling so
lonely, her name is Ada, a very pretty girl like
me, we lived together as sisters.

One day Ada narrated to me a short story of
her past experience in school, she told me
how she slept with a lecturer for a pass
mark, the story goes this way: {Ada talking}
…… Mr lecturer entered our class, he
told us that we will be having a test the next
day, he gave us area of consecration to read,
that night when i got home, i studied my
book the whole night against the next day,
the test will commends by 7am in the
morning, but unfortunately i woke up
around 7:30 the next day due to the
sleepless night i had studying my book, i
missed the test and i met the lecturer, i
explained to him and asked him to help me,
he said the only help he can offer to me is
just for me to carryover the course or i will
sleep with him, i had no other option than
to sleep with him, after having s*x with him
that day, he told me that he really enjoyed
my body that i should come back the next
day for second round, i went back and did it
with him again for the second time after
which he gave me the pass mark.

After i heard this story from Ada, i told her
that God will not allow me to face that kind
of issue, she said that she just wanted to
share the story with me so that when i face
that kind of issue, i will know what to do.
After my second semester exam in 100 level,
i cleared all my papers and i moved to 200
level, in my 200 level, i did excellently well in
the first semester exam, coming to the
second semester, it was remaining just one
subject for me to finish the exam, this
terrible sickness came and tied me down, i
could not make it to the examination hall,
after two days, i recovered and i went
straight to the lecturer and told him that i
was not feeling fine, it was that same
lecturer that had s*x with my friend Ada, he
requested that i should have s*x with him
or i fail the course, i was confused and really
dont know what to do, i met my friend Ada
and told her about it, she advised me to do
it, i told her its better for me to carry over
the course than to have s*x with the
I ignored the lecture and i put everything in
the hands of the most High God, after some
few weeks, result came out and everybody
was going and checking there scores.
As for me i already knew that i must fail one
course but to my greatest surprise, when i
checked mine,i noticed that i cleared all my
papers, i even passed the subject of that s*x
addicted lecturer, i scored 77 out of 100 in
his subject and that was an excellent result, i
dont know how this thing happened, i
thought maybe the lecturer made a mistake
by putting someone’s score as my score, i
never submitted an answer sheet and i
scored 77 out of 100.

I stared looking for a way to verify the mark,
after two days, one of my friend came to me
and told me that she noticed i was not in
the exam hall during our the last exam
paper so she decided to write for me, but
before she could finish writing her own, the
lecturer ordered everybody to submit his/
her answer booklet, she was confused and
did not know what to do, so she just wrote
only my name on my own answer booklet
and submitted it just like that.
After telling me the story, she said she have
come to plead with me to forgive her, she
said it was not really her fault that she
wanted to help me to write the exam but
time was not on her side so she decided to
write only my name and submit.
I burst into laughter and told her that i
scored 77 in the subject, she was surprised
and she did not believe it, i took her to the
score board and she saw the score herself.
We started looking for a way to verify that
the score was really mine, we later found
It happens that when the lecturer was
marking the papers, he got to my own
paper and noticed that i did not write
anything, so he just put two question marks
on the paper and continued with other
papers, the question mark am talking about
is this one (??).
He just saw the booklet empty and he put
that question mark and continued with
other booklets, but it happens that he made
a mistake when putting the question mark,
he forgot to put a full-stop at the bottom of
the question marks [??], so the question
mark looked like 77 score.
After marking the papers, he gave it to
someone to help him record the scores and
submit to him, when the person got to my
own answer booklet, he saw something
that looks like a question mark [??] but
because there was no full-stop at the
bottom of the question mark [??} so he
thought it was 77, he dont have the right to
anything on the paper, his work is just to
record the marks.
so he just recorded 77 for me and that was
how i passed the subject and finally God
gave me victory even without the notice of
the lecturer.

This is another miracle, Its Only God that
have the power to do this, never you give up
on God, he is aware of your problems and
he will surely visit you if you can maintain
your stand.

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