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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sleekplay is another blockchain based substance adaptation solution that tackles the computational energy of gadgets to remunerate clients and benefit engineers.

Sleekplay is a substance adaptation platform that reevaluates the way advanced substance driven applications are devoured, dispersed and adapted. This whitepaper examines how we use the energy of blockchain processing to disturb the multi-billion dollar advanced substance circulation and adaptation advertise.

Generally, Sleekplay is another cryptocurrency and blockchain controlled platform for longsession applications that motivating forces clients with rewards for contributing gadget figuring power and makes another surge of pay for application designers. Long-session applications, for example, spilling and gaming applications and also different applications that draw in clients for a considerable length of time at once, are prime recipients of the Sleekplay blockchain platform.

The SleekPlay platform use the energy of blockchain figuring to make an incentive from the time you go through connecting with applications

Clients are persistently bothered by promotions downsizing their general involvement and designers need to forfeit brand value and consumer loyalty keeping in mind the end goal to adapt content, without the assurance to completely take advantage of the estimation of each client.

Our one of a kind solution tackles the energy of gadgets through blockchain registering and client engagement time characterized as objectives, to create income for designers and suppliers, while likewise compensating clients for their engagement.


Q1 2018

Finishing of Private round; Marketing the Pre-ICO.

Q2 2018

Discharging the web wallet supervisor; Completion of Pre-ICO; Marketing the Main ICO; Completion of Main ICO.

Q3 2018

SKP on exchanges; Release of GUI Wallet.

Q4 2018

Arrival of Sleekplay API with web miner Integration (beta); Closed testing with particular designers.

Q1 2019

Full arrival of API with local miner (beta); Open designer information exchanges.

Q2 2019

Dispatch of the Sleekplay Platform; Creating attention to expand SKP reception; Further improvement of the Sleekplay platform.



Downloads and devours content on Sleekplay-controlled applications, recreations or benefits and gets impetuses for their engagement.

Engineers and Providers

Coordinates with the Sleekplay platform to offer some incentive to their clients, while changing over client engagement into income.

SleekPlay API

Handles the dispersion and sharing of prizes and payouts to clients and engineers alike.

Sleekplay Benefits Both Users and Developers

Advertisement Free Experience

Clients can encounter their most loved applications without advertisement intrusions.

Play and Earn

As clients make the most of their most loved spilling applications and diversions, Sleekplay rewards them with SKP. Accumulated SKP can be traded for computerized merchandise or money.

More Revenue Than Ads

Because of our objective framework and motivations, designers win more per client than with advertisements.

Positive Experiences

As digging disposes of the requirements for advertisements, engineers can convey quality administrations and ensure their image value.

Better User Engagement

Because of the exceptional Sleekplay objective framework and client motivating forces, clients draw in additional with applications, expanding income and change measurements.

Competitive Edge

Applications incorporating with SleekPlay pull in a greater number of clients than the competition,with the charm of winning SKP coins.

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