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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Last Episode 

When i woke up i couldn’t find her by side i was a bit weak to stand up, but i forcefully did then i went to the kitchen she was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen then i went and hugged her from behind immediately my guy just called and said “guy you still dey fly we won come play game o” then i said no Shtt before i knew he was like your sama cook next thing i just said she cook your father balls he just laff before i knew it the battalion in my house you know as guys house dey be na especially if na bachelor then mercy made semo and egusi soup come see as my guy rush for m,y mind i dey boil sey how far which kind thing be this because me i get mission, after they have devoured the whole plate na so dem just leave i just say God punish them then mercy packed the plate and came and joined me on the bed watching t.v, before know we were about embarking on journey na so we start another one o, we had our selves for 30 mins then she went to bath she was still on her towel when shade called she was in school but she wont be sure if she would come say hi, i said ok then i informed mercy then she just laff and said danix gee, i was like i don’t understand then she said i shouldn’t worry i may not understand and i said she should make me understand she was like when the time comes then we went out on a stroll and came back we ate dinner and we slept off in my mind i was like whats danix gee whats happening i was very confused to the extent that i couldn’t sleep i just dey ponder and wonder wanted waking mercy up to explain the danix g stuff but i don’t wanna disturb her sleep then i layed on the bed till i dozed off, then she just woke me up and said she was about to leave the next morning then i said no wahala now then i escorted her to the gate, then i promised to check on her the following weekend.
I went the following weekend to her rented apartment though na girls full there she had a room mate called aishat, i just sat down looking at the house it was nice though then mercy said she was coming she wanted buying drink for me then i and aishat were having this talk then she said she would like to have my pin which i gave her then she said we would talk more on bbm, mercy came back we drank ate and as we were leaving i met the shocker of my life …………………….something shocking happened.

As we were going i just shade with one guy tall a bit huge but not that huge then mercy said thats danix g, then shade was now shy then she introduced me to the guy and said i am her cousin that she told him about eh see gbege o…cousin bawo, mercy was just dumb the whole Time, me shap boy i just pretend ni, then i moved on then shade texted me to wait then i waited at the bustop she came and join us much latter then she started apologising that she had to say it so the guy wont tel her parent she has been rolling with boys then i was like ehn! Ehn then she said yes then mercy went back and lef us alone then shade said she wanna come spend the night at my place that she has missed me then i was like are you serious?? She said yes then i said i have heard…….fast forward Later that evening she was in my place we were talking then another thing happened what happend was that mercy left her panties inn the bathroom and her earings in the room and i nevr noticed…..#busted see trouble that night i was just begging and explaining o, she no even here me out see wahala na so she vex comot for my house that night around 11 i was like omo see hef up, went in and started regretting why i allowed shad e slept over , why mercy did what she did by forgetting her stuff manythings were podering my mind, then i slept of after playing boob marc don’t worry be happy track,, then i slept off, the morning i got a tex from shade that i shouldn’t ever call her again or talk to her thats its over then i got the shocker of my life when mercy said they casted a bet she and shade that she will have her way with me and mercy won, i was very confused tried reaching mercy it nwasnt going nthen i was like mogbe, but i was still happy though ntn concern me i don enjoy i don enjoy be that oooooooo……i locked up went to my guys side joind in drinking their mcdowells infact in happiness my chapter with shade is over need to start planning ahead for the big one…..that was when kwuin called and said she missed her period…


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