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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Episode 5

After shade left on holidays, kwuin travelled to ondo i just dey ni but i dey bleep sides sha, one day as i dey fire aishat one of my side babe i just a call it was mercy telling me she was coming to see me the following weekend i was like didn’t you go on holidays then she said nope she had to sort out somethings at school which she would finish by Monday i was like wow, but why spending a weekend here then you no fit stay school then she said schoolis boring and she just wanna spend it with me at my side i got the message but i just pretend as if i knew nothing i finally agreed then she said what should i buy for you if you i am coming cus i know shade is not around your fridge would Have been empty i said anything. Friday was here she came latter in the evening i was at home arranging my house so it will look alittle bit tushed her text came in which reads “am at the gate come and pick me up” then i strolled to the gate with mamud a bado lee
friend of mine on seeing her with bag and poly bag i guess the poly bag is filled with soup ingredient i helped her out with it and her other bag mamud then collected her bag as per gentle men then we talked and gisted how school is going then as we got to my block she just entered straight to the kitchens mamud on the order hand left us and said iya we dey come back come chop prepare our own you know how teasing guys can be, then i checked the kitchen saw she was cooking egusi soup i just sat in my room playing video game then she said dear should i put your food now before i go take my bath i was like if you are through we would eat together she said no pee then she dashed into the bath room she is a shy girl so she did the pulling off and everything inside the bathroom but me come dey wonder which time me and this girl start to dey date wey she dey call me dear then i come conclude say make she no allow our chats dey buggle her head oooo, not
sooner mamud came in she over head mamud yelling for his own share then she said mamud own is in the kitchen and instantly he carried and dashed to his own apart ment………within 15 to 20 min she was out wearing a normal singlet which didn’t really covered her bosso cus she has a big t-t,but no bra i just dey imagine how i go take mamsa this t-t that night, then she wore a very short mini which if she bends down you can vividly see her kity kat she sat across open her legs then i sighted her red panties on seeing this my Joystick rise but because of the puffy wey dey my legs e no show we just dey chop no talks but she was just stealing a look at me maybe hoping if i would commend the food or say anything about her wears for that evening, me sef dey admire her but i just pam for where i dey……

After the wonderfull then i said mercy you are a good cook never new you were this talented who thaught you??? Trust girls now she said she had been cook since she was 7 if in hear, then we layed on the bed watching chris rock death at a funeral, we were just laffing nest thing our eyes jam each other there was this momentum silent that the t.v was on but we could nt hear it we were just lost in thought or probably emotional thought then before we knew it we started kissing all of sudden we were so deep and the door was unlock i never knew when mamud enter next thing he just coughed immediately we stopped and wanted pretending as if nothing ever happend but it was late then he just said he wanted returning the plates then he left then he said in our normal slang he said guy no crash o make you fly safe and land safely ooo, then he left as soon as he left like this i just ran to locked the door then i just layed then i was just staring at the roof then
she layed her head on my chest and she said zeus i think am in love with you but am trying hard to get over it but i cant and i don’t wanna betray shade i said hmmm, then i said what should we do she said she don’t know i just sighed immediately i pulled her close and said lets make it secret but with out no trace so she wouldn’t suspect, i kissed her in her fore head and she smiled then we continued from where we stopped we kissed and kissed and i started massaging her B---m and palying with her nippy she was just moaning then i pulled the singlet off left alone her bare titty with the skirt i perfectly worked on it message it like never before after working on it then i was rubbing her laps not knowing she wasn’t putting on anything omo my mousa just rise sharpaly pulled her skirt up kissed my way to her k---y cat tougue flipped her k---y lips then found her clits she had this big k---y so i licked her and s----d her and toungued Fork she was
moan so loud to the extent the person in the next apartment could hear but our door na sound proff and my cound system was on and a bit loud then as i saw she was getting weaker i just drew down my boxer short shook hand inside pillow and brought out a condom and wanted wearing it then she said no she wanna revenge then i layed flat she started working on my huge erect masculine rod she s----d it to the extent i found it hard to breath she was so good in that as i could not take it again i took the condom she collected it from my hand and tore it apart her self and wore it then she climed on top and started riding me in a cowgirl style and after 5 min we switched to reversed cow girl style straight to doggy style then back to reversed cow girl she just wanna be in control of the whole thing then when i saw i wanted to Pour is with straight to missionary i did my own ruling as i did it for just 3 minute then i cummed in jjust layed on her my Joystick still
inside i stood up and headed for the bath room cleaned my self up came back she was still on clad our clothes wear shattered on the bare floor then we slept in a like 69 position her head was at my feet and her feet was at my head then she switched to the normal position and she layed her head non my chest and next thing heard was so this is what shade is enjoying then we chuckled and before nwe knew it we had slept off

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