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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Episode 3

We talked about so many things sha i asked her of her friend mercy she told me little about her then i was like thanks for the company its getting late i had to go home na so i comot go house sha……..

back to where we stopped
As i see quin off i come follow shade enter my guys dey shake their head dey laff sey omo see zeus baby of the base don bad oooo two air craft( as we normaly call girls that we don’t date but bleep), then she was now like who was that girl i was like na my boss sey make i help am drop am off gate because he doesn’t want anybody to know she came looking for him, girls and jamb questions she still insisted why my guys were laffing i was like na them know next thing was ki lon wa ni le, e bi npa mi meaning what is at home am hungry then i said nothing for now if you get upstairs you will eat, omo see my chick say she is lazy to cook i said then she soak garri abi…..she giggle and said she will make indomie, next thing was hope your laundry guy hasn’t come cus i have little clothe to give to him and i said hope it isn’t pant and bra cus i wont allow him wash it he his my laudry guy not my house boy, ok??? She was like ok, then we waka go house
sha cus my house was far from the gate as we were going my slippers cut on our way then i waited to do it omo na him i see shade back o i say chai this girl carry then i rememberd the first day i bleeped her…….

flash back
It was just on a normal day when shade came to visit me after her first visit even during her first visit i should have bleeped her but she came along with mercy ever since mercy as stepped her foot in my house and saw the guy i was since then her intentions towards me don rise soteh she dey call at intervals but me no dey too give her green light thinking na plan work any ways am not really into shade na just my air craft but i still gats to be care ful you now nau as e dey go. The second time thats when shade came to my house we were watching gotv together one drama like that on African magic epic my mind no dey the movie though it was night but she wasn’t spending the night with me any ways but atleast you know girls will be girls she wanted it but na shakara first when we got to a scene wher the lover birds in the movie dey show love kissing and what have you trust nolly wood, the she looked me straight in to the eyes cus she was lying flat facing
down and her Buttocks was facing up but the head was on my laps then i sighted the Buttocks omo my Joystick just come to shun as per soldier wey dey parade ground as if she knew what i saw then she asked Then she asked me if its because of what i saw i was like in the movie then she had an hmmm look on her face i just chuckled and said she is sweet ooo and she is well endowed then she smiled a flirty one and turned over but my standing rod still dey nack her head because i was putting on a playing pant ( that short simple nicker used in playing ball) then she said mine too isn’t bad hmmm we just laffed and before we knew it we are already kissing the first place i went to was her Buttocks then we kissed i was just throbbing her B---m squezzing it and playing with her Tip while she was deep kissing me and throbbing my Joystick before we knew it her gown was off she off her bra i was even the one helping out with the bra thats how we started the sexcapade………

back to where we stopped
As i was thinking i never knew my Joystick was standing and she was staring at me she just pated my back and exclaimed “oni ro ku ro oshi, what are you thinking” i just laffed and covered my Joystick then we climed upstairs my house a bit messy because of the laundry guy hasn’t showed up yet she helped me cleaned my room and she kept the dirty cloth int he laundry basket then she set off to the kitchen and made us indomie and egg her favourite and na their food na student, we were just eaten then she asked how far with the money i asked you about tomorrow is Monday o and that lecturer i don’t want his palava o then i said how much is it then she said ah oti ya gbagbe what are you thinking??? Then i was like only your Buttocks can confuse some one then she said 2500 then i said ok i reached out for the drwer and handed her the money she was so excited and happy next thing was am felling somehow i wanna bath she just entered the bath room and had her bath omo
as she pulled of her cloth and tied my white towel the Buttocks come shoot the towel out for my mind i was like jesu Kristi(jesus Christ) omo today na today i went down stairs to get holandia yugort missed with alomo i just drank it dey prepare for what is to come as i lie down for bed i just continue the flash back of our first S£x together cus that day was the bum
     (flash back)

As i helped her out qith the bra then i started working on her twin born on her chest then she was moaning but in a low tune she still rubbing my Joystick before i knew it my hands were inside her Kittycat i tried draggin her puple plain panties she was entirely wet even the pant was wet after draggin it then she pulled off my playing pant then mr Thomas flew up in aa standing position she was like mo ku oooooo, then i was like in my mind shoro niyen???(a popular slang) then i layed on her then i strated rubbing her clits she was over wet my hands were just drawing like someone eaten okra soup…………

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