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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Episode 4

Being tired after the previous day sexcapades woke up late i just have to jump up from my bed and rush to take my bath then headed down the stairs everybody just dey run go office me i was half dress i just ran back upstairs and dressed up fully within minutes am fully dressed ran to office for Monday muster parade which took 15min after wards every body headed to his own office i checked my phone and saw 7 missed call 5 messages and 25 whatsapp messages, 3 missed call from kwuin 3 from shade one from an unknown source then the messages are from mtn and the shade thanking me for the money and then kwuin nagging about me not calling her the previous day to confirm if she has gotten home then the whatsapp were from annoying group chats, immediately i just heard my name then i turned back saw my boss i went to him and collected his bag he asked me how my weekend was then i was like its ok then he said i should help him get to the cafeteria and collect
the food which he has ordered and also buy recharge card for him on my way back before i knew it i had a call from shade thne i picked up next things was she was happy about how last night went and about the money i said no problem, then not to long my laundry guy called to inform me he was around then i told him where the key was explained to him that my gf clothe was among though shade is not my gf but i gatss package he said no pee i ran to the office then i received a message a message from shade that mercy is coming to pick up the cloth the next day i was like ok motigbo. When i got to office my boss told me to help him type some stuff which i did so as i was typing i remembered kwuin then i called and she picked up immediately but she querried why inever called i just lied i was too tired that am sorry and she said how i was felling i was like ok sha and she said ok, then i called the unknown nuber too i was shocked it was mercy how was this
possible how did she got my number omo abeg o i don’t want wahala she only said she would be coming to pick up shade clothes then i was like ok. Then she said she will really be happy cus she was even looking forward to seeing me that this will be an opportunity for her to talk to me then i was like how is this possible , what are this girls up to am scared oooo hmmmm mi o fe wahala fun emi mi, i don’t want trouble for my life, as i was just reasoning that my boss just shouted are you through with my work then i said yes sir then said email it to me now lemme cross check it i was like ok, next thing i took my phone and check my eskimi account saw new replies then started reading them, then i saw another angelic babe but thats story for another day…………

The next day mercy informed me of her coming she came around 5 as if she know sey i for don close then i offered her something to eat then she said she wasn’t hugry next thing was that she was telling me about how shade was talking all about mt and she said next that bros xeus you are really handsome ooo but you look so young very young then i was a bit flattered then she said if she had opportunity of dating me ehn she no mind if i get many gf i was like ehn ehn any way mercy mercy wasn’t bad though she is chocolate skin black beauty girl she had this B---m that i cant barely hold with my one hand except the second hand follow join am, she is taller than shade but she is ok she didn’t really have that Buttocks of shade but she is alright then i just packaged shade clothe give her as per sharp and gave her 2h as tfare then she was like she would call me once she got home i was like no pee,then she stood up and huged me as her big bosso touch my
chest my head confuse instantly, she went away the jean she wore showed her shape then i was like jesus omo this girls no go kill person. Then when she got home she gave me a call and told me she hasn’t seen shade but she dropped it in her hostel then she said hope i love what i saw, i knew what she was up to but i pretened as if i knew nothing then i asked what did you show me that i saw then she said oga soldier why you won dey form now, she now said to be frank with me she really likes me starting from day one but since i went for her friend there is nothing she could do but still she does not mind me bleeping her and we can make it secret i nver believe my ears i was like if shade knows nko and she said nothing of such then she said she would call me latter that she don’t have much card, i immediately layed on my bed thinking of what was happening or wwhat was about to happen….. i wasn’t sure if this is a plan work or i was just lucky to
have both friends the thing nwas really pounding my heart then i was like well am a prof in this game i have to take my time so i can play the card well then i took my time to study mercy and shade to know what they were up to i called my guy and explained all that happened then he said omo guy nothing to worry about just continue to dey enjoy your self na you be boss nau abi you go pass one gimme if you dey fear i just said God punish your gentiles………..and na so the thing go oooooo i and mercy were just talking and chating for days same as shade before i knew it mercy and i are close but she never visited me because she don’t want suspicion from her friend shade and shade sef don dey watch us closely cus she knows what her friend can do maybe her friend don tease her about the matter before after a week they started their exam so no too much chances for them but as for me i dey bleep my side babe kwuin on the other hand is not around she has
travelled to her home town for her grand ma burial so i just dey do the way and manner bleeping no time, after a month of exam they finally finish next thing shade called and told me she would be going home for holidays but will be back soon and that she missed me gan me sef miss her though i missed her olumo rock Buttocks but i gats wait then mercy on the other hand didn’t hear from her was curuious then i thought maybe she sef has travelled wanted asking shade but i just bone make she no dey think another thing trust girls now abi wetin you think?

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