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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Episode 2

As i dey kiss her neck she was just saying stop it omo see i no gree oo na him i start to dey play with her titty B---m she come dey moan loudly a bit before
i know she don grab my head miracoulously her top were off i no even know come i take comot the bra wey she nono, for my mind i say work don set we just do
dey smootch oo na im i say make i try my luck as i unbutton her skirt she just say make i stop am then she sat upright omo come see preaching sey i nono
say na first time meeting sey make we stop as she won wear her shirt back i just planted a deep kiss in her mouth she was now like carried away na so we do
again o but this time i got the chance off her skirt it remain her tight and pants cus she dey wear one black tight as i was squeezing her B---m i dey kiss
her i come leave her B---m i try to remove the thight omo the thing gimme little problem still i no accept defeat i do soteh i come comot am i come see her
red half netted panties don wet i was like na so work don set she come dey do small gra gra sey i no go fit comt the pant as per sharp boy i no argue i just
dey use my hand s dey rub the pants like that till my hands had access to inside the panties before we knew it was playing with the clitz o na him girl just
enter cloud 9 me i comot am all i just dey play with the clitxx and dey finger Fork her as i see sey ogbeni she won Pour just comot my joy stick find condom
for my guy house the b-----d don carry am comot omo see wahala i come dey think of wetin to do i just zero am insert am like that come dey bleep her
missionary style she just dey moan omo abeg this girl is well endowed with ringing tone only the ringing tone fit make you Pour sharp sharp i just try i bleeped her for 5 min dey i finally Pour as i cummed on d tiles floor i cleaned it up with rag the cleaned her with tissue we layed unclad on the bed i nono
sey this girl dey wait for round 2 for her ,mind she just dey look me maybe for her mind she would be like omo this guy na wa o me i bone sey today na today
befor e we know it i became hard again we started another adventure from missionary style we switched to girl on top reversed cow girl style omo see how the
babe dey ride me like donkey from there straight to bleeping her from behing i started doing it then i sensed she has cummed and she layed flat on the bed
her Buttocks facing up i just start to dey bleep her for behind i do ooo before we knew it after like 10 min i cummed agained then i fell both of us breathing
heavily then this time we weren’t shy of each other she was now like you won to kill abi i just dey laff she con say why are you laffing i no send i still
dey laff we layed there unclad and slept a few minuite before we finally hit the last round this time was a combination or scissors, girl on top missionary
style then doggy style we had it for 12 to 15 min then we finally stopped mehn it was a wonderful experience i just enter my guy bathroom bath she sef shower
then she dressed up the bed and i clothed up set to go then she left for home around 3 as she just reach gate na him shade showed up as i dey escort her
go as she just reach gate na him shade showed up as i dey escort her go…………..omo see GOBE ….
I just greeted shabishly escort quin enter taxi na him quine sef dey ask for hug i sey she nono sey i dey front of gate, na him she say ehn ehn so na because of that tiring gbeku girl(tiny girl,though shade is not tiny any way) i dey form for her bah, i come say no oooo sey she no dey see cctv cameras every where say my boss dey look us from him office ( you go fear lie na) she say ok, as i look back see the look on shade face omo that strong look fit break concrete o omo oba……

flash back
I know you would be wondering who shade is well shade is an 100 lvl student of one university which i could barely remember lately she is a shorty but she get Buttocks, when i meant as if she wears jean e go like say the Buttocks dey won fall, but she is ok.

I met her one day as i returned from work went to use the atm machine in her school, as i comot for the atm enter one super mart na him i meet her with one of her friend mercy dem won board bike dey go their house na so i stop them dey follow them yarn. Na shade i won follow talk na mercy dey answer me omo i bone mercy collect shade number. After like 4 days i call shade telling her i wanna see her na so we comot together enter one ice cream store trust school girls the way she just dey look me cus i never told her my occupation but she know am not a student of their school for sure, until the very first day she came over she come know the work wey i dey i dey do, sey i be fg worker, militarian to be precise, then we talked she took me to one lonely place in her school showed me around and we sat alone just talking about normal thing trust girls the first thing they wanna inquire from a very young handsome looking baby face guy like is my gf but na with
style she was like this one you are with me till 10pm hope she wont come and beat me up, then i was like beat you up bawo, and who is this she oooo, for my mind i knew she was talking about my gf, i just laff i come sey none of that i am stark single me wey i be young badoo, then we just started talking viraly

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