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Friday, 20 April 2018

The GYM Rewards project comprises of a whole answer for help getting paid for working out. From the Blockchain that backings Proof of Exercise to the GYM Rewards Exchange for gymnasiums and different accomplices to come and trade GYM Tokens. There is no compelling reason to sit tight for trades to help GYM and there is no compelling reason to go out on a limb of stalling out with pointless tokens. In Gym Rewards, you exercise and still get paid for it.

Ticker: GYM

Token standard: ERC20

Token price: 0.0001 ETH

Hard cap: 15,000 USD

 Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Individual top (min/max): 0.1 ETH

Payment methods: ETH

Whitelist: YES


Limited regions: USA

GYM Rewards (GYM) another blockchain-based startup declared today it's coming blockchain that will be mined by our bodies rather than the ASIC miners, GPU miners or CPU. The new blockchain will be mined by cell phones that will recognize your area and if the area is inside a partaking gym, it will then permit your heart pulsates to mine the blockchain by means of the versatile application and your heart rate screen. GYM Rewards is additionally banding together with heart rate screen gadgets organizations to locally mine its blockchain.

The GYM Rewards Blockchain is an Ethereum-enlivened blockchain changed to present Proof of Exercise (POE) while additionally utilizing its local Proof of Work (POW). Later on the GYM Blockchain, POW mining will stop to exist and POE will be the main mining bolstered.

"We are excited to wind up a solid inspiration for individuals to begin setting off to the gym and to keep fit as a fiddle. You should simply, launch the application and heart rate screen, begin working out, and we will wrap up" said Jose Barrales GYM Reward's main innovation officer. "Another solid inspiration for us as cryptocurrency fans is that with all substantial mining ranches hoarding the mining business today, it about time mining should be possible in such a way we would all be able to be a piece of with no extra speculation" he included. The GYM Rewards application will be accessible as a free download for Android and iOS gadgets on April 30th.

GYM Rewards is presently in its (ICO) Initial Coin Offering stage. Not long after the finish of the ICO the beta arrival of the application will be discharged.

The cryptocurrency business has detonated with several new organizations and new companies utilizing the blockchain, in any case, relatively few of them are a position to wind up goliaths in the field. GYM Reward's development, experienced group, and open market opportunity have situated the organization for progress.

The GYM Rewards application pays clients with GYM Coins for their exercise. It likewise screens the gym through GPS area to ensure its clients are practicing and getting the correct pay GYM Coin pay rate. The GYM blockchain has been made particularly to help the GYM Rewards App, GYM Coins can be reclaimed at your taking an interesting gym and tradable at cryptocurrency trades. Do not miss this ICO guys.


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