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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Golden Currency is a task of the principal completely practical private currency, and helpful and effective foundation for its utilization with usage of present day innovations, including blockchain.

Else, we are looking at making an autonomous legitimate private simple of the Central Banks, which utilizes the gathered involvement and present day advancements to guarantee dependable and helpful cash.


The fundamental phase of the Initial Coin Offering is required to happen between September 1, 2018 and October 15, 2018. Before that is the Pre-ICO organize where purchasers can appreciate different rewards. An ICO Golden Currency Token (IGCT), whose esteem is a likeness 1 USD, will be issued inside the Initial Coin Offering.

The delicate top for the occasion will be 10 Million USD while the hard top is relied upon to be 250 Million USD. The aggregate sum of token that'll be utilized for the Pre-ICO is 7,600,000. Without extra issuance, a restricted 250,000,000 tokens will be accommodated the ICO. Any unsold token amid the Pre-ICO and ICO will be scorched.

The reason for the ICO is to raise finance for the issuance of the Golden Currency. It'll likewise be utilized for the foundation of fundamental framework for its utilization and advancement. In that capacity, the raised support amid the ICO will be circulated hence;


The circulation of assets varies in light of the sum raised amid the ICO. On the off chance that the sum gathered is from 10 Million to 100 Million USD, here is the manner by which the store will be circulated.

The biggest level of the store, that is 35 percent, will be utilized for the Initial Golden Currency issuance and gold buys and 30 percent will be utilized for the foundation of Golden Bank network.

Mechanical advancement, which incorporate Golden Exchange and operational cost, will get 15 percent of the store. 10% of the store will be held as organizer's reward and 7 percent will go to showcasing. At last, 3 percent of the reserve will be allotted to guides and as staff remunerate.

In any case, if the store got from the ICO is between 100 Million USD and 200 Million USD, it will be appropriated therefore;

Forty-two percent of the aggregate reserve will be utilized for the Initial Golden Currency issuance and gold buys and 30 percent will be utilized for the foundation of Golden Bank network.


As indicated by the whitepaper, Golden Currency is the principal completely utilitarian worldwide private currency issuance which offers both money and non money and is totally sponsored by gold. This stage tries to make and build up a framework for the activity of this new currency which incorporate;

• A worldwide banking network (counting banking framework)

• Gold storehouse

• Crypto-fiat currency trade


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