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Sunday, 8 April 2018

“We cannot join you together!”
That was the response of the head of
the marriage committee immediately
Jean and I entered the church’s board
room on Sunday.
I turned sideways subtly to see Jean’s
face and it was expressionless. He was
looking indifferent. I sighed repeatedly
but silently.
As much as God wasn’t in support of
this relationship and I was ready to
obey His will, I still loved Jean and his
expressionless face actually broke my
He wasn’t going to miss me!
Perhaps he never really loved me!
Just then, while my head was bowed
still where I stood, I saw some fluid
falling to the ground and I was

I looked up at Jean and he was totally
broken! He had unknotted his tie, his
eyes were closed and his hands were
dipped right inside his well combed
afro hair. The other hand held his
tummy as he let out a squeak that
shook the whole room.
The four-man committee members
stood abruptly, covering their ears with
their hands. They looked really
I could only watch on as I felt his pains.
He squatted and started a real babyish
cry and my heart shattered into pieces
the more.
Who does that for God’s sake?!
Who leaves a man like this when real
men are scarce outside?
Only a foolish person would do so!
Jean was a very good man. Even before
I led him to Christ, he had really been a
moral man. Never had he for once tried
to touch me or played dirty with me
during those times.
Even the day he proposed to me, he
was very shy to do so. It took the
efforts of his daughter to help. He
never took advantage of his
I loved mature men!
I hate ‘baby men’!
And, but for his marriage to Beatrice, I
would have loved to get married to
him. I had really opened my heart to
“You people don’t understand. You
don’t!” he cried out again as he blew
his nose into the handkerchief he was
holding. The committee members sat
down, still looking perturbed.
“Understand what?” Mr. Hosanna, one
of the marriage committee asked and
the others nodded in support.
“I had really endured a very bad
marriage where my wife would bring in
different men into our matrimonial bed
and sleep with them right before my
open eyes.

 If I dared to retort, she
would send different touts to beat me
up or even deal with me herself….” He
swallowed hard and the committee
members looked somber as he
unfolded the story.
I shook my head as I imagined the
whole scenario.
“I had a mixed feeling when she
eventually travelled outside the
country five years ago with another
sugar daddy. I was happy to be free
indeed but I hated sleeping around.
What do I do?…” he paused as he sat
on the floor. He looked really hopeless
and a cold shiver ran down my spine.
“I had really been weaned from all
emotions and love until I met Precious.
If I got married at 20, I should be able
to father her but really, I love her so
much. I was scared of another failed
marriage but I trusted her and wanted
to give it a trial once again…”
“Marriage is not trial and error my
brother!” Mrs. Hallow, one of the
committee members retorted and Jean
shook his head.
“Probably my use of English sold me
out madam. It wasn’t for a trial at all. I
wanted both of us to have a real great
future together and all was going well
until this committee asked us to come
back.” He paused again and sighed in
“It was really worth the waiting as God
met me and told me some vital reasons
why this marriage cannot be. There
was no way I could tell Precious and I
felt we should get here first. Right now,
it seemed that God had gotten here
even before me” he said and the
committee members whispered some
things to themselves.
“God had been here since my brother.
He is the Word personified and we
have the Bible. Everything is in there. If
we go ahead and join you together, it
would mean adultery. That’s what the
Bible says” Mr. Lawal, another member
“Then, what should I do? I should wait
for a woman that had gone to join
herself with different filthy men? I
should?” he cried dejectedly. I
understood his plight.

I felt really guilty
I shouldn’t have met him in the first
I had opened up the closed wound in
his heart again and poured fresh
pepper on it.
“My brother, marriage contract is till
death do us part. As long as you are
alive and she is alive too, there is no
going back. You have to endure it.”
Mrs. Hallow said again
“Endurance! That’s the word!” Mrs.
Idile said as she shook her head, her
lips pursed
Mummy pastor!
What does she know about endurance?
Some people just find it easy.
The only thing she probably endured in
her marriage was complaints about
salt, not being enough or too much in a
Mummy pastor sha! Very funny!
“We still have lots of people coming in
to see us today and the time isn’t on
our side. We have closed your file and
we want both of you to really go and
pray with all fervency.” Mr. Lawal said
with a large, comforting smile
“My dear Bro Jean, I can feel your pain
as I have been in your shoes. My
husband left me for another woman
and there were pressures here and
there that I should remarry but I thank
God for my pastor and his wife. Oh
what a great specimen of marriage for
our generation…” Mrs. Hallow paused
and smiled, shaking her head in
obvious appreciation while Mrs. Idile
smiled too.
A pure, sweet smile!
“My husband is back to me. I have
forgiven him and he is now a child of
God. You would never know that
something like that had ever happened
between us if you see us together” Mrs.
Hallow completed her own side of
“And who knows if your wound had
actually been opened now because
your wife is on the way and so that
when she comes, she would find
something to nurse, thereby,
strengthening your marriage?” Mr.
Hosanna explained too.
I looked at Jean on the floor and I
smiled bitterly.

He was shaking his head vigorously as
tears streamed down his face.
Does any of their advice makes any
sense to him at all?
“It would be hard but that’s why we
have Jesus. He can help. Wait for your
wife and pray fervently for her soul.
Who knows, you may save a soul from
hell!” Mrs. Hallow said further.
“And you Sister Precious…”
That was my name right?
It was my turn to be lambasted for
almost leading a new convert of mine
astray even when I knew the truth.
It was Mrs. Idile
“My sister, God is never too late. For
some people, he comes at twenty years
of age, some thirty, some forty, some
fifty, even, sixty! He’s never late! How
old are you? I am sure you are in your
mid-twenties or thereabout. Why
would you rush? Do you know what
marriage means at all? Marriage is a
padlock with its key thrown away! Do
you want to miss it? This one that we
can still enjoy beautiful renditions of
songs through you, if you are sad and
unstable in your home, would that still
be possible? Sister Precious, are you
praying at all?” Mrs. Idile went on and
on and I was daunted.
There was an absolute silence
That was from her heart- deep!
I was speechless.
I realized that I hadn’t said a word
since it all started and I looked for
something to say.
“I love him…” I was saying when she
cut me short again.
She was never violent or lousy.

Mrs. Idile!
What was the matter?
“Love, you say? Any sign whatsoever
you have, be it vision, dream, deep
love, revelation and all, should still be
weighed on the word of God! Is God
saying something to me in His word
about this lady or guy? See, just like
our speech could be influenced by the
devil, out emotions can also be
manipulated and used against God’s
will for our lives” she explained and I
looked at the Spilt Air Conditioner.
It was working perfectly well. In fact,
16 degrees Celsius!
Why then was she sweating- profusely?
Was it more than what was being
I am being blessed by all she was
saying but I was worried about her.
Was all well with her?
“Some marriages in the church are
camouflages. They wear same outfits all
the time, they seem to hug and peck
and fan, wiping each other’s faces in
the church and all and you feel, God
give me a happy home like lagbaja’s!
Do you know what is underneath? Do
you?” she banged the table as the
pimples of sweat on her face dropped
on the table before her.
The vicinity was very solemn.
I looked around me and realized that
everyone was taking what she was
saying as just being a concerned
Pastor’s wife’s palava. But I saw
beyond that…something I would never
want to believe myself.
I saw deep hurt in her face!
What exactly is the matter?
Just then, the dream flashed back to
my head and I shook it off once more.
It can’t be real! It can never be real!
“God will have mercy” Mrs. Hallow
said, obviously touched by Mrs. Idile’s
“Please, you both should go and pray
more” Mr. Hosanna said too
“You can go and may God make your
ways golden” Mr. Lawal said and Jean
stood up, supporting himself with a
“Thanks everyone” he said silently,
moving towards the door
“Thanks” was all I could say as I
approached the door too
“Sister Precious…” Mrs. Idile’s voice
called out to me. I turned back and met
her face.
So tender once more- smiling.
“See me in my house tomorrow by” she said and I nodded
“Ok ma”
“I love you so much” she said further
and my heart stirred.
She smiled again- that very sad smile !
My heart missed a beat!
Something was just not right!

“Welcome ma” my gardener greeted
me as I parked the car, the lawn-
mower he was using, making noise as if
it was a tractor!
I didn’t want to have a headache but
my lawn actually needed trimming. The
other staff members had left their
lawns unattended too but I couldn’t. I
just loved orderliness, beauty and
neatness. Since the state government
had refused to renovate our quarters
for us, I got some money and had the
painting done, the plumbing works
attended to and now, the lawn!
“Well done Mr. Bright. How work?” I
greeted as I pulled the boot lever under
my car seat.
“Work fine o madam. It’s just this sun”
he complained. I smiled. I looked at the
back seat and took a bottle of ‘five
alive’ juice. It was very cold.
“Catch this” I said and he looked
behind him. His face shone as he saw
the drink. With open arms, he received
it as I threw it and then he shouted for
“It’s chilling” he said and I smiled.
Mr. Bright and his ‘wonderful’ English
I opened the boot and brought out the
hamper inside it- an Easter gift for
senior staff members in my
department. I was privileged to be
I took my veggies basket too and
walked towards the door.
Gosh! It’s already two o’clock and I had
to be in Pastor’s house by four.
I really have to be fast o.
I had a really weird appetite while at

I just stumbled on a movie where they
were eating coconut rice and an idea
came into my head. On my way home, I
had bought cucumbers, cabbage, leeks,
tomatoes, fresh paper, mackerel fish
(My best), and some coconuts.
I bought enough coconuts because my
hair seemed to be losing its vitality. I
wanted to make enough coconut oil
myself since the homemade is better
than the adulterated ones being sold.
The s---t from the coconut oil and the
coconut water was what I would use to
I was already salivating!
After I finished preparing those, I
would have a very cold shower and
then set out for the pastor’s house.
Few minutes later, the aroma of my
specially prepared coconut rice filled
the house. I looked at the bowl where I
had poured the coconut oil
That should be cold by now!
I quickly sent a ‘BRB’ to everyone I was
chatting with on Facebook, WhatsApp
and BBM- I really loved chatting.
I poured the coconut oil into different
bottles and set them aside. Then I
turned off my gas cooker and opened
the pot- Hmmmm, indomitable meal!
Oops, 3.30pm!
I ran into the bathroom and richly
soaped my body. As the shower rained
down the thin streams of water upon
my hefty body, I felt a tickling
sensation and I chuckled repeatedly. I
was somewhat happy- but about what?
I had really had a lot to do that very
day and though I was fatigued, I had to
go and see my pastor’s wife for
whatever it was she wanted to see me
What could she want to see me for?
My happiness waned away as I jumped
off the bathroom into my bedroom
where I performed the normal beauty
rituals and wore a very cool colored
evening gown.

“Mummy will join you shortly Sister
Precious” Abigail, the housemaid told
me and I smiled at her.
The best treble part singer in our
“Do you mind a bottle of Charis wine?”
she asked and I nodded
“No, I don’t mind please” I said and it
was soon delivered in a tray. The
phone on one of the tables rang and
Abigail picked the receiver
“Hello ma…it’s alright ma.” She said
and looked at me.
“Mummy said you should come into
her room upstairs” she said and I
looked surprised.
Who am I in that church?
What is my post or position?
What have I done to deserve entering
the room of my pastor’s wife?
Oh, that would be a very delightful
honor for me!
If the other parts of the house could be
this beautiful and gigantic, I wonder
what the bedroom would look like.

The staircases leading upstairs were
sparkly neat!
I was told to take off my shoes and I
slipped into some furry slippers before
stepping on those staircases.
God, I’ve got to be rich o
Lord, I ask for the riches of Job but not
his sufferings o abeg.
I laughed at myself for making that
kind of selfish prayer request but if you
had the opportunity of coming into this
place, you would conclude that heaven
must be too goldenly beautiful because
this house looked like paradise.
I knocked the door
“Please come in” I heard the voice and
I opened the door.
Oh, that sight!
The room was indescribable!
I wanted to run outside and confirm
that I was still in the same house I was
just coming from but I maintained my
The room was disorganized. The settees
were not well arranged and there were
clothes hanging on the chair, around
the necks of the gigantic wardrobes,
beautiful shoes were scattered all over
the floor and gasped.
“Sister Precious” I heard that voice and
I was geared back to reality. I was lost
in my own world of irritation and had
forgotten why I was here.
I looked at the bed where the sound
was coming from and I almost ran
“Mummy!” I called out, really surprised
and she smiled sadly
“Good evening” she greeted and I
couldn’t hide my shock and despair.
Her head was neatly scraped- totally!…
like a widow in her mourning mood!
The gown she was putting on was black
and she didn’t look like the normal
mummy I knew. Tears gathered in my
face as I looked at her.
“Mummy!” I called out in a heart-
renting way again as I ran to her and
fell on the bed, holding her hands as I

“Mummy, what’s wrong?” I asked in a
very sorrowful way. She smiled but I
saw the tears welling up in her eyes.
“I wanted someone to clear up my
room for me. And I chose you” she said
calmly and I broke out into a serious fit
of crying.
Mummy needed help to clear up her
Oh my God!
I scanned the room and I cried again.
Whatever it was that was happening to
mummy pastor was very serious!

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