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Monday, 9 April 2018

Oh my goodness!
Oh my God!
I looked at her.
She wasn’t crying
She had tears in her eyes but they were
not falling. She looked really worn!
I stood up, removed my long evening
gown and thank God my undies were
moderate enough, I set to work even as
I cried ‘Oh my God!” repeatedly.
After rearranging the furniture and
returning the books to where they
were supposed to be, I hung the neat
clothes and dumped the dirty ones in
the large laundry baskets. I saw a
vacuum cleaner.
There is even a vacuum cleaner? Oh my
I ignited the machine and it swallowed
all the dirt on the floor for me.
I went to the bed and faced mummy

“Mummy, let me lay the bed” I said and
she sighed, held the pole on which the
bed lamp hung with great difficulty and
then stood up. I saw that protruding
The dream flashed back to my
She’s pregnant for real! Oh my God!
I pulled a plastic chair for her and she
sat inside it with care.
As I pulled the large, heavy white-
turned brown duvet off the bed, I saw
already used tissue papers. Some were
very dry, some were still wet.
I dumped the duvet into one of the
laundry baskets and the tissue papers
fell to the ground- they could make a
She must have cried loads and from the
look of things, it didn’t just start
By the time I was done with the laying
of the bed and all, the five large
laundry baskets were filled and the
dustbin was filled as well.
“Carry everything and drop them
outside the room. Abigail would come
and get them outside. This is the first
time anybody would enter this room
apart from my husband. Even my
children are not allowed to. I just
needed an urgent help and my spirit
pointed at you. Thanks so much.” She
said and I could only nod as I did as

I then pulled the curtains, dusted the
window panes, sprayed the air-
freshener and switched on the split air
conditioner while I wore my gown
She smiled
I shook my head and my jaws dropped.
“Mummy, it’s time to get back into
bed” I said again and she tried to stand
up but couldn’t. I went closer to her
and pulled her up.
Oh how light she felt in my hands!
As she hid under the new laid duvet,
she signaled for me to sit down on the
chair adjoining the bed which I did.
I was not happy!
What exactly was happening?
What’s the smiling pretense?
Does she think I am a baby?
“Sister Precious, could I perhaps call
you Precious?” she asked, humbly and
my heart softened and I forced a smile
“Definitely ma” I replied and she
smiled again
“Thanks my daughter.” She said and
looked into my face. I looked into her
eyes as well
That was all I saw- No hope
She took my hand and though her hand
seemed beautiful and fresh on the
outside, it was scaly as she touched me.
“It seems that you know something
about me, Precious” she said and I was
“Ma, I don’t know anything o, nothing!”
I retorted quickly.
What was she saying?
“That Sunday, you were shouting my
name, looking for me all over the
church. You even screamed ‘She’s alive’
when you saw me. That?” she looked at
me with a ‘So, what are you saying’
kind of look and I shook my head.
“Ma…” I was saying when she cut me
“During the marriage committee
session, while I was talking, why did
you look into my eyes so penetratingly?
Tell me if you know something please. I
need to know” she squeezed my hand
as she pleaded, tears streaming down
her face.

Oh mine!
What do I have to say now? I really
don’t know anything at all.
“Precious, when you look into my eyes
as you do, what do you see? Please tell
me. I am sure you know something.
Tell me exactly what you see that
others don’t. What you see that my
fellow women leaders don’t, what
exactly you see that even my children
don’t. What you see that my…my…even
my…my hus…husb…husband doesn’t
see” She pleaded further, stuttering
greatly and I shook my head
That’s it!
Exactly what I wanted to know!
Something was very wrong and no one
knew- not even my pastor!
But what’s it?
This suspense is killing me Lord Jesus!
She smiled again and I could not help
but speak my mind.
“Mummy, for real, all I see is fear,
loneliness, frustration, pain, hurt,
despondency, dejection, depression. All
I see on a closer look is negativity
mum! That’s all I see and I don’t
understand why it should be so” I
blurted out. I was tired of seeing her
that way. She looked so weird.
Even her haircut was scary…bare!
Her big tummy
Her untidy room
Her hurtful face
Her smile!
Oh how much beautiful and expensive
attires cover the problems of so many
We only look at their attires and envy
We look at the hats and say, oh
Not knowing that a sorrowful bare
head hides underneath.
Lord Jesus!

“Thank you for saying your mind my
daughter. Thanks, thanks, thanks o,
thank you, thanks” the more she said
the words slowing, the more they
tugged at my emotions. The more I
wanted to know where the problem
laid and put an end to it.
“Mummy, what is the problem with
you? Talk to me. I can handle it. I
might not be able to proffer solutions
to the problems but I can help share in
the burden. Talk to me ma” I pestered
and she smiled.
“I will talk to you and that was why I
chose you. But…” she was saying where
the phone rang and she picked the
“Yes Abigail…good…lead him upstairs…
thanks love” she said and dropped the
receiver. She looked at me and smiled
“You have to go now Precious. I will
see you some other time. I need to
attend to someone now. Its urgent.”
She said as she unwound baby wipes
and gave to me. She took some too and
wiped her face. I did the same too.
What could the problem be?
As the ‘what’ questions filled my head,
I could not think straight anymore.
Was she dying?
That would be scary because she is still
very young!
Where was her husband?
As I fumbled with the baby wipes in
my hands and descended the stairs, my
shoulders hit someone who was going
upstairs and I just bowed in apology as
I walked away.
Something struck me hard and turned
back to look at who just walked past
He was at the door…that stature…oh
how familiar!
I racked my brain so tirelessly but it
didn’t come to my mind who it was.
As I turned the ignition key of my car, I
relived the stature again and oh yes!

What was Tony doing in there?
Tony was just a serving corps member
nah…exactly why would she send me
away because she wanted to meet
“I am sorry. I just seemed to find out. A
medical doctor would just know.”
Those words rung in my head like I had
never heard them before.
Tony was a medical doctor!
Oh geez!
The dream relived and I remembered
how Tony bent to examine the dying
Mrs. Idile in the dream.
Could that be what it meant?
The dream was all about this?
Or had Mrs. Idile been shown that Tony
was my husband and she wanted to put
in good words for me so he would pray
about it?
I shook that idea off!
How childish that thought of mine
was…she obviously wouldn’t do that!
Oh my God!
I dug my hands into my hair again,
sighed so deeply, turned the ignition
key and as I drove off, I remembered
my coconut rice
“To hell with you dear rice.” I said
loudly, my tongue turning sour.
I had lost my appetite.

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