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Sunday, 8 April 2018

“Mummy pastor, she can’t be dead.
Mummy pastor!” I screamed on and
someone tapped my shoulder
“Sister Precious” I heard my name
clearly and my eyes opened widely. It
was Sister Jane.
So, it’s been a dream all these while?…
Like seriously?
I sat up and saw tears on Jane’s face.
“Is it true?” I screamed. Smiling faintly,
Jane nodded over and over again.
“Mummy Pastor! Mummy Pastor oooo”
I started screaming as I sat up from the
pew in which I had slept off and
started running to the back of the
church as if being pursued. Jane called
me back to no avail
“Mummy Pastor ooo….somebody help”
I screamed on and on until I looked to
my left as I approached the exit door
and I heard my name.
“Sister Precious”
Mummy Pastor’s voice!
I turned to look around and there they
were all gathered the women leaders
with Mrs. Idile smiling wholeheartedly
at me.
“Is anything the matter my daughter?”
she asked, smiling again- her very real,
affectionate smile
“Is this for real? Is this a dream too? Is
that mummy pastor? Somebody talk to
me.” I cried again as I walked to her
side on the podium.

Some women tried to stop me but she
signaled at them to leave me alone.
I went beside her, knelt down, felt her
legs, touched her calves and hugged
She hugged me too!
“Mummy is alive!” I shouted childishly
and the women murmured
“Daughter, go and check yourself in the
bathroom. Your cloth is stained at the
back” she whispered into my ears and
a cold wind of embarrassment ran
through my spine.
It’s the same day!
That Sunday!
I managed to smile at her.
She smiled back!
She signaled that I bend down and she
dipped her hand into her bag to give
me a white shawl. I wrapped it round
myself and passed through the back
door outside with the women’s eyes
following me- I most assuredly guess!
Sister Jane was outside and I frowned
at her.
“Why were you crying earlier on? And I
still asked if it was a true and you
nodded. You made me to make a fool
out of myself today and it’s not fair!” I
“I didn’t understand your question
Sister Precious. I was only shedding
tears of joy because I am happy for
you. You obviously just had a vision.
That’s something we had both been
praying for you for a very long time
now. You asked if it was true and I
thought you were referring to the
vision thing. I smiled happily and told
you yes!” she explained and I hugged
God heard my prayers!
He spoke to me in a vision.

But what does that mean?
Mummy Pastor was smiling just so
happily now that I saw her.
I am still as single as ever, so why was
Tony in the same attire with me?
What was I doing in a wilderness?
Despite the rough road, my car was
able to still drive on as if on a tarmac!
What does that mean?
What is the problem between the
pastor and his wife?
Tony called me MMR…what’s the
As I brought out my skirt from the
spinner of the washing machine, I
heard some rapid footsteps at the
staircase and I listened.
The pastor was making a call.
“It’s a great privilege to do so for my
wife my dear pastor. I am just going to
dedicate this week to her. It’s her
birthday and she has to be treated
extra-wonderfully. Thanks for booking
the hotel for us…we should arrive
Dubai in the evening tomorrow. Let me
tell her the surprise now…. My wife so
loves surprises….hahahahahahaha…
God bless you sir!…” he said on and on
and I smiled happily.

I trust my pastor!
Ever romantic!
That dream was just a useless one jhur!
I had much to think about before I
slept off.
My pastor and his wife are just too
anointed to have any problematic issue
between them.
I waved the dream off as I quickly wore
my skirt, checking out myself in the
“Sister Precious, do you wanna sleep in
the laundry?” Sister Jane called out and
I smiled happily as I tip-toed to the
“I am coming right away mon amie” I
said in a very musical voice- what
happens whenever I am satisfied with
something or extremely happy.
But…my spirit stirred again!

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