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Sunday, 8 April 2018

It was raining so profusely…
As the wipers of my car wiped the
heavenly tears of rain off my car, I
switched on the heater of my car and
hummed ‘Amazing Grace’ so happily as
my already cold-infested body came
back to life gradually.
Though the road through the
wilderness that I was driving through
was rough, I kept on driving
I didn’t even know where I was going
Just then, I saw some images afar off
and I slowed down to get a closer view.
When I couldn’t get a proper view, I
drove closer and peeped through the
Who am I seeing?
Jesus Christ!
Mrs. Idile, my pastor’s wife was seated
on a gossip chair on the road fully
drenched in rain. She was shaking so
vehemently as her teeth gnashed
against themselves.
I drove closer to her side but as I
opened the door , the breeze from the
windy rain was too much that I had to
close it back hurriedly.

How do I approach her?
Why was she in the rain being beaten
that way?
Where is her car?
What about her caring husband?
Taking another look at her, I knew that
I had to do something if I didn’t want
to lose her.
A puddle of water was already forming
round her and if care wasn’t taken, she
would be swept away completely.
I looked behind me, pulled my rain
coat from the back seat and put it on. I
turned the ignition key and opened the
door. Cold breeze rushed inside but I
had to do this.
As I jammed the car door, Mrs. Idile
looked up at me. She was shivering
severely. I noticed that her tummy was
protruding and I was shocked.
Mummy Idile is pregnant?…i never
Then, she smiled…
Oh that affectionate smile capable of
calming a raging storm no matter how
big in one’s heart!
But that smile…just like the one I saw
on Sunday…her lips were blue!
I ran towards her.
“Mummy!” I screamed, very scared. I
held her hand and they were like ice.
“Sister Precious” she called out in a
husky voice, still smiling.
“Mummy, what is happening to you?
Exactly what?” I asked, really
“It is well my sister” she said,
stretching her very wrinkled hands to
pat my back.
I withdrew from her touch
When did her hands become this
Jesus is Lord!
“Mummy, where is daddy? Why are
you alone?” I asked again, a weird
sensation running down my spine.
She smiled as tears rushed down her
Though it was raining, I still could
distinguish her teary face as her face
had gone red. She pointed at her left
side and I looked beside her.
Just beside her!…my pastor!
He was in a very small glassy shed that
looking comfortable, mere looking at it.
He was helping some men and women
to get into the same shed. He was
smiling, hugging and praying for them
and they were all happy together.
“What! Mummy, go inside” I shouted
out of frustration. She smiled and
shook her head in the negative. She
pointed to the shed and I went closer
to it. The inscription on the shed
almost made me mad!
What is full when I could still see
empty seats inside.

“Daddy!” I called out, very sharply. I
was enraged. The pastor looked at me,
very happily and opened the glassy
door for me.
“Come in my sister” he said but I shook
my head.
“I brought my car sir. But mummy is
outside. Can’t she come inside?” I asked
and he peeped outside
“Which mummy?” he asked and I
shook my head, greatly disappointed
“Your wife sir” he said and he smiled.
“Mummy would be fine. We have to
tend to the sheep first. If you notice, no
family member is in here. That was
why I sent all the children abroad so
that mummy can have time for herself.
I must work the work of him that sent
me while it is day, the night cometh
when no man can work” he said and
closed the door with a great thud.
I was shaken!
I looked behind me to look at her side
and I was shocked- she had fallen to
her back!
Lord have mercy!
I ran closer to where she was and
lifeless as she looked, I saw blood
streaming down her legs- she was
“Jesus, have mercy!” I screamed loudly.
I was so confused as to what to do. I
didn’t have any knowledge of
medicine, and I couldn’t even think
“What to do Lord? What to do?” I cried
as the rain fell harder.
I heard the sound of an approaching
car and looked back.
It was my car!
Who was driving it?
Why are these weird things happening
I was holding my car keys few minutes
ago. Where is the bunch of keys now?
The car door opened and a guy jumped
out- Tony!
I was astounded!
He smiled as he looked at me and
immediately wore a frown as he saw
Mrs. Idile.

I was shocked as I watched on.
I checked the cloth he was putting on-
exactly the same Ankara print as mine.
He was looking really good and the
rainfall was good on him- he looked
“MMR, leave way” He said as he
pushed me aside gently. He smiled and
gave me a big umbrella. I unfolded it
and it was big enough to cover the
three of us.
MMR? What was that?
As he held Mrs. Idile and felt her
temperature, I came back to life and
concentrated on the dying minister of
He felt her pulse with his stethoscope
and he looked at me, shaking his head.
Tears rolled down his face.
“What?” I screamed, throwing the
umbrella away. I pulled at his shirt and
he just shook his head on and on,
looking downwards.
“We lost her” he dropped the bomb
and I almost ran mad.
“Lost who?” I asked and he nodded
again. I screamed as I held on to her,
crying profusely.
“Mummy, I never knew you were
dying. I never knew you were in the
rain alone. I would have rushed here to
pick you up. I really would have” I
cried and as Tony pulled me with his
right hand, the rain stopped abruptly
and the people in the shed started
trooping out. They rushed to the corpse
and wailed, trying to console the

“Why console him? He killed her! The
pastor killed her!” I screamed with all
my strength as if my life depended on
how loud my voice was.
But nobody seemed to hear me…
I looked at Tony who only pulled me up
and assisted me into the car. He laid
me at the back seat while he entered
the driver’s seat. As he turned the
ignition key, the heater resumed work,
blowing with a very calming alacrity.
I sat up to check the scene I just left
and I saw them laying her down into
the grave
“Mummy Pastor! She can’t be dead!
Mummy Pastor! She can’t be dead oh
I screamed on…

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