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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Jake walked towards me waving two movie tickets with a big smile on his face,“I got us the last two tickets for Cars”.
“Cars, are you kidding me?”
“The movie is a sell-out and a tip was necessary to get the last two tickets, so let me rephrase your last sentence, Oh thanks a lot Jake, you’re the best ” Jake replied sounding like Minnie mouse.

“I do not sound like that you retard” I replied hitting him on his shoulder. “I bet we’ll be the only adults in the cinema”
And apparently, we were the only adults in the cinema and to worsen matters, Jake got us seats in the midsection of the hall. Making our way to the seats, was like hurdling over the legs of the kids who wouldn’t adjust and let us pass because they were so glued to the screen. Then we finally took a seat beside a grumpy kid who apparently had some problem locating where his mouth was, he had pop corn flying on his shirt, the chairs, Jake’s shoes, but Jake didn’t seem to mind, he actually got a “kind” shove from me when threw his pop corn in my face.
“Now let’s get you home” Jake said as the KFC attendant handed me a bucket of half-wings and some fries. “Not quite”, I replied with my mouth full.
“Then what?”
“The day is still young, it’s just like 8pm and besides, it’s my birthday”
We exchanged the knowing look, “are you thinking what I am thinking?” Jake asked.
I nodded.

“So where is it going to be?; Q-lounge, Koko lounge, Rehab…”
“Club du retard” I replied cutting him off
“And where is that?”
“You are joking right” he replied with a raised eye brow.
“Do you know the number of cars that get jacked in that side of town?”
“Just tell me you are joking”
“You chicken, come on its not that bad and beside I have got friends in that side of town, you’ll be just fine”
“Are you sure about this?” Jake asked as he pulled up into a noisy neighbourhood.
“Yes, I just want to have fun, isn’t that what you want?” I asked. “I want you to have fun but we at a pub”, he replied. “Don’t be a silly girl”, I said and jumped out of the car. The local pubs downtown had the best fun loving people. I danced into the night with Jake all around me before I knew it, I knew nothing. What does that mean? I guess I got drunk!
“Morning D”, Jake said handing me a cup of coffee. I had to shield my eyes; at least I knew where I was. Jane’s room always let in too much light early in the morning. By the way, Jane is Jake’s twin.

“Thanks”, I said as I took the cup.
“You went overboard and got drunk last night at the Pub”, he started as he raised the curtains. I sipped the coffee gently. A large smile danced round Jake’s face.
“What?” I asked.
He jumped at me and tickled me hard.
“I had never seen you dance until last night”, he said.
“That was my birthday”, I replied.
“I am so happy to see you happy”, he said.
“Thank you Jake”, I said warmly. He smiled, acknowledging me.
“I owe it to you, if you didn’t help me, I would have never known how to enjoy a birthday”, I added. “Thank you”, I said again and hugged him.
“Time to go home”, he said releasing me.
“Jake, how much did I drink last night?” I asked as we approached the door.
“Somewhere between a lot and too much”
“Hi Jake”, Dad said as we walked in.
“Good morning sir”, he replied.

“Where did you kidnap my girl to yesterday?” He asked.
“We just hung out”, he replied scratching his head.
“Why are you asking him questions Dad when I am right here?” I asked angrily.
“Darlene”, Jake whispered under his breath.
“I just wanted to know because I wanted to have a quiet night with you yesterday for your birthday”, Dad replied.
“Am I supposed to celebrate that”? I asked rudely.
“When are you going to stop resenting me”? He asked.
“I am going to take my leave now”, Jake said excusing himself.
“Why are you so pissed about not getting the job at my firm?” Dad asked.
I scoffed.
“You are working at Ade-Cole, anyone will kill to have that job”, he replied.
“Anyone except me”, I said.
“I will not continue to take your petty insults”, he replied.
“I am not done yet; I want to know why you employed a certain Dora Oluwole in your company as your Personal Assistant”? I asked.
“That is my personal business and why are you digging into my business?” He asked angrily.

“Don’t you think that she is too young for an affair, she is only 22 Dad”, I yelled.
“Why would I date my own daughter?” He asked.
I was shocked!
“Listen Darlene, I wanted to talk to you about it yesterday, I am very sorry”, he said.
I ran upstairs and shut the door angrily.
“Hi”, I heard a thin voice say.
“I am Dora”, she said.
“What”! I yelled.

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