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Monday, 30 April 2018

Jake’s eyes blinked. I held on to him firmly. “Stay close, D.” he whispered.
“I have no business with you dude. Let her come to me.”
Jake laughed. “Where do you think you are? This is no Spartacus. This is real life! ”
“Seems like you wanna get arrogant with me,” He pulled the dagger from his belt. “I’d have wished to hurt Dare with this, not you, but since she has a lot of guys who don’t mind taking bullets for her, be my guest.” He replied, holding the dagger firmly.
Jake watched his eyes and hand carefully. It was a lonely street, and if I attempted to run, there might be an ambush.

“You are going to jail, Daniel. This isn’t 100metre.” I shouted from behind Jake, I didn’t have the nerves to look at Daniel’s fierce eyes. It’s true when they say ‘talk is cheap.’
Daniel laughed. “So you think I’ll spare your life to watch me go to jail? Even if I do, I won’t give you the pleasure of seeing that.”
“You are demented! What was my Dad thinking anyways?”
Daniel stepped forward and Jake and I stepped backwards. “Why are you running? You have such a loud mouth; you should be able to take what’s coming to you.” He replied, admiring the dagger.
“Enough of this, twat! It is obvious you are a stalker, and I am not going to let you threaten Darlene’s life, so you have a choice. Drop that Dagger and run from me now.” Jake said.
Daniel stared at him hard. “Never.”
“We will have it your way then.” Jake said stepping forward.
I was scared. I knew my big bear could take on him; my fear was Jake killing him. Jake has actually killed for me before. Well, that’s a story for another day. At this moment, I had a threat. Jake approached Daniel fearlessly. Daniel stuck the dagger out.
“This is no toy, Mr.” Daniel stuttered, stepping back.
Jake was in no mood to discuss. He ducked the dagger and sent Daniel crashing to the graveled floor. He hit Daniel with so much aggression that I feared he might kill him. I rushed to Jake.
“Pleas Jake, let him be.” I shouted, holding Jake’s shirt.
Daniel was in a pool of blood. His face was all red and beaten. He sprawled out in pain, letting out a cry.
“He doesn’t look good.” I said, scared.
Jake sighed. “He was warned.” Jake wiped some blood off his forehead. “Guys like this take away the tranquility of one’s mind.” Jake hissed. “Where do you think you are, Daniel? Miami Vice?”
“I can’t feel my waist.” Daniel cried.
Jake laughed. “It’s right there man.”
“Should we get the medics?” I asked, clenching my fists in fear.
Jake smiled and kicked Daniel in the belly hard. “That’s for scaring my friend.”
“He gets it.” I shouted, holding Jacob back. “He’s in a bad shape Jake, let’s get him to the medics.” I was wearing a worrying look.
Jake laughed. “You worry too much munchkin. Anyways, we don’t have to. Security is approaching us.”

“What is this?” The Security officer asked touching Daniel’s neck.
I sighed. “A case of a chronic stalker that broke the rules and got what he deserved.” I replied, sounding a little confident.
“Are you alright, Ms. Williams?” he asked.
I nodded. “I am fine.”
“I’ll need you both to accompany me to the security post so as to officially document this.” He said.
An ambulance arrived shortly and conveyed Daniel to the clinic, while Jake and I left for the security post.
“Did you have to beat him so bad, Jake?” The C.S.O asked.
Jake smiled. “Considering the fact that he had a dagger and could have killed Darlene, I think I did justice to his pour soul.”
The C.S.O read through a file. “I understand that the court placed a restriction on his movement around Ms. Williams,” he started.
“And he broke it Sir.” I immediately cut in.
The C.S.O closed the file. “I will have a copy of your report filed to the court and maybe we can have Daniel checked into an institution, probably, a solitary prison.” He stood up and gestured at the door. “Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll have one of my boys drop you off at home if you don’t mind.”
“That won’t be necessary. We’ll walk.” I replied.
Dora was standing akimbo at the gate as we approached. “What war are you fighting?” I asked, with a cynical smile.

“Dad is going to have your head for lunch. He is at the clinic visiting Daniel.” She replied.
I smiled. “Have I officially introduced you to Jake?”
“I don’t think so.” She replied, smiling.
I nodded and turned to Jake. “Meet Dora, my sister.”
“Hi senorita.” He said, taking her hand coolly.
They exchanged greetings with smiles. There was so much warmth around them. “Hearts meets hearts.” I said, breaking off the handshake. “You have been holding her hand for a while, Jake.”
“I didn’t notice. My hand is quite insensitive to touch from the other species.” She interrupted.
I grimaced. “HeHe…that’s funny.” By the tone of my voice, Dora could bet that her joke fell flat, but being the Dora that I know, she would try another joke.
“I’d say you’re jealous. Jake is already warming up to me, I am fun and you are not.” She replied with her teeth all out.
Jake smiled. “I can’t help feeling like Brad Pitt at the moment, two beautiful ladies falling over me. Can a man be more blessed?” he asked, looking at the sky.
“Wow Jake, that’s the biggest joke I have heard in years. Are you really feeling like Brad? I always thought you could do better.” I replied.
Jake widened his eyes. “What are you saying, Williams? Brad Pitt is like the biggest household name. He is an enigma.”
“Yeah yeah…” I replied with a smile. If I didn’t put an end to Jake’s throttle, he could go on and on about all of Brad Pitt’s achievements. Jake, to me is Brad’s biggest fan. Jake knew almost everything about him, well, as much as news and the paparazzi could provide.

Dad pulled up aggressively behind us. “Are you satisfied, Darlene?” he shouted. “Daniel is going to have a surgery.”
“And after that, he is going to Jail.” I added.
Dad hissed. “Never! He said he only came to talk to you about relieving his restriction, and then John Cena here, pounced on him.” He said, eyeballing Jake coldly.
“It turns out Daniel is a liar. He has to be worst after Satan.” I replied, angrily. “I have already filed his report Dad, and there is an evidence of a dagger which he used in threatening me which has his finger prints on it.”
“What hold has this junkie on you, Sir Williams?” Jake asked, smiling.
Dad leaned against his car and inhaled deeply. “I am responsible for Daniel. All I ever wanted was for Darlene and Dora to see him as their brother.”
“Dad, there was no proper introduction. Daniel showed up in my life as a threat.” I replied.
He rubbed his forehead. “Daniel is in a bad shape.” He started. He stared at Jake hard. “You should never have returned to Nigeria, WWE awaits your kind.” He added and tapped him lightly on the back. “I’ll get Daniel out of our lives forever.”
“I know a great rehab facility in the Bahamas, it helps to get the body and soul together.” Jake suggested.
I hissed. “Pay him no mind, Dad. Daniel might return gay.” I interrupted. “That ‘facility’ of Jake’s sent Paul to the altar on Saturday.” I said.
“Paul is married? I thought you were Paul’s girlfriend.” Dad said, surprised.
I shrugged. “We broke up.”
“Darlene, I am sure that you smashed that man’s heart to bits. I have to speak with his father.”
I groaned. “Come on, Dad! Paul is an adult, and so is Daniel. You have to stop worrying about what isn’t really your business.” I said, stressing the statement.
Dad shook his head pitifully. “You know, in my generation we were in awe of our parents. It was like fear and admiration, but now, it’s just the admiration, you ain’t got any respect.”
“Woooaaahh!!! Daddy is speaking like a real nigga.” Jake teased
We all laughed and returned into the house. I felt relaxed, because, Dad had cooled down on his ‘obsession’ for Daniel, well, it seems like it at the moment.
“I have news for you guys.” Dad said, as he opened a bottle of champagne.
I stretched out my wine glass to him and he poured it gently.
“What’s it, Dad?” I asked, sipping my wine.
He smiled. “I want to get married.”
Ever had your wine taste like Vinegar? Mine just did!

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