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Friday, 27 April 2018

Did Prince Charming forget to pick up Cinderella?” Dad asked as he turned on the lights.
I cursed softly. I had tried to tip-toe into the house so he won’t see me when I walked in. “Morning Dad.”
“Dare didn’t drop you off, why?” he asked.
I sighed. “I told him not to.” Dad stared at me with a knowing look. “I insisted.” I said, firmly.
“And he just left you to yourself in the dark? He is less than a man; I think he’s erm…a veggie.” He replied, dropping his wine glass.
I stared at him with disgust.
“You look sad, D?” he chuckled. “There is something you must know dear, Dare is just as weak as his Dad.”
I groaned. “Dad!” he stared at me and laughed. “This is the result of taking excess Vodka.”
“This is Irish Cream.” He corrected, caressing the bottle.
I was put off. I headed for the stairs. “Stop coming to my house late.” I hissed dryly and ascended the stairs. “Darlene, I am flying Daniel out of the country, I am taking the money from you.”
“This is serious Dad. I think you should resume your counseling classes in London. You have relapsed greatly.”

He hurled the bottle at me. “Get back here.” I stuck my tongue out and raced upstairs.
“How did it go?” Dora asked, as she turned on the light.
I was startled. “What are you doing here?”
“Waiting for you,” She replied. “So gist me, how did it go?”
I sunk into the bed. “There was a shocker. If not for that, I’ll say, it went fine.” I replied, taking off my wrist watch.
“Jake showed up?”
I grimaced. “It would have been a disaster. Reina Martins made her grand return to Lagos today.”
“Who’s Reina Martins?” she asked.
I picked my bath robe and left for the shower. “Reina used to be Dare’s ex, and the mother of his child.” I said, as I turned on the shower.
“Are you kidding me?” Dora shouted.
I laughed. “Come on Dora, nothing should surprise you in Lagos. You are the wonderful sorceress who understands Lagos’s men, why then are you stunned?”
“So a father took you out today?” she asked.
My face fell. I came out of the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my head. “His son is late.”
“I am sorry about that.” She replied as she took her seat. “Was he ill?”
I shook my head. “Moment of irresponsibility from Dare and Reina cost the kid.” I sighed. “Got time?” I asked.
“Always.” She replied, and took her seat.
She clapped her hand into her laps like my grandmother used to when I was living with her. She had to said to me when I was 5 and asked for my mother:
“Yo Momma is me.” She said in her broken African American accent.
“You are too old to be my mama.” I replied.
She frowned, clapping her hands into her laps. “You are one real smarty, so I might as well tell you the truth, yo momma is never gonna be with you. She died!”
“Granma, but she isn’t old.”
Grandma had told me all about death that day. I cried and sought solace in my grandma’s arm. She was always a listener and at this moment, Dora seemed just like her.
“Dare and Reina got into an argument, so he refused to pick their son up from school.” I started, as I sat besides Dora. “She had to pick him up and she was just learning to drive. You know the rest.”
Dora’s eyes shot angrily. “What’s a kid got to do with their problems?”
“It’s all history anyways,” I replied.
Dora smiled. “So, Reina showed up at the meeting. Was she invited?”
“I don’t think so. Dare was surprised to see her. She’s been out of town for over a year.”
Dora grinned. “Ghost returns to town and chooses the perfect way to announce her arrival.”
“I guess.”
Dora hugged me tightly.
“What was that for?” I asked, releasing myself.
She smiled. “Evil step sister stole Prince Charming.”
I grimaced and threw a pillow at her. She threw it back, and I engaged in my first pillow fight in almost 15 years. I had my last pillow fight with Grandma.
Today is Saturday, not my favourite day of the week anyways. I slipped into my slippers. Dora was still sleeping. I left for the kitchen; I saw it as my perfect opportunity to make breakfast and show my skills in the kitchen. I can cook!
“What’s for breakfast Dora?” Dad asked as he stepped into the kitchen
“Poison for you.” I replied.

Dad laughed. “You are such a pain D. sorry about yesterday.” He said, opening the fridge. He poured some milk. “You care?” he asked.
He sipped. “Still watching your weight? You are a size 8.”
I smiled. “I am fine Dad; you know I don’t want to blow up.” I turned on the gas cooker.
“What’s for breakfast? BLT?”
I laughed. “Potatoes and scrambled eggs. I could add some broccoli for you; Dora bought them from the grocery yesterday.”
“Broccoli will do. Are you going for your driving lessons today?” he asked.
I nodded. “Yes, Dad. I’ll call to schedule for noon.” I replied, not taking my eyes off the Frying Pan.
“Do you want Daniel to take you?” he asked.
I smiled. “He’s restrained from me, Dad.” I replied. “I don’t want us to argue this morning because of Daniel, so let’s just forget it.”
“If you say so.” He replied and returned the Milk Jar to the fridge. “I’ll be in the garden. Have to talk to Mavis about the Tulips; they are growing faster these days.” He added and left through the back door.
I stared at him as he walked out. I am so sure that Sir Williams would soon return with a plea for Daniel.
“Morning Sis,” Dora said as she opened the fridge and fetched the milk jar.
I smiled. “I like the love between you and Dad. He also likes Milk”
“Hmm…and you?”
I shook my head. “Not a fan.”
“You are not missing anything. So, did you tell Jake why you turned him down?”
I widened my eyes. “Oh no! I ought to have called him. Please watch over the Potatoes, I’ll just get my phone.”
“My pleasure.”
I left for my room to get my phone. I had to come up with something as to why I didn’t reply Jake. It was still early in the morning, Jake isn’t the early riser, but it’s not so bad to call at 6:45AM, Is it? I rung Jake’s phone to avail and I finally sent a text. “Sorry Jake, I was booked.”
I returned to the kitchen, but Dora wasn’t there. I heard her voice down the hall way and I was sure that Dad must be saying something to her, maybe about Daniel. I left for the hallway.
“Hi Darlene,” Dare said.
I was surprised. Dare was in my house so early. He wore a grey V-necked sweater, Denim and a Supra Hi-top. For a moment, I thought I was seeing Jake.
“I’ll leave you two. The Potatoes are calling.” Dora said and disappeared into the hallway.
I sighed. “So, what do you want?”
“Aren’t you gonna let me in? I am still standing in the doorway.” He replied, with a smile dancing around the corner of his lips.

I shrugged and shut the half opened door. “This way please,” I said, leading him into the guest living room. Dad would have a fit if he saw Dare in his luxury living room. Dad would rant about the 1908 Chandelier ball and all the antiques that his house posed.
“Make yourself comfortable.” I said and left for the bar.
Dare stared round the living room. “Nice Guest waiting room.” I ignored his comments. Dad had me put the wallpapers for the guest living room and I chose the other designs. I returned with a glass of water.
“Here you go.” I said, handing him the glass.
Dare stared at me and sipped the water cautiously.
“It’s alright, drink up. You must be tired.” I said carelessly and sank a chair. “What do you want here, Dare?”
He dropped the glass and smiled. “I want to apologize for last night.”
“What happened last night?” I asked, pretending not to care. “Please Dare, forget whatever you came here to apologize for, because to me, there was no sin.” I said.
Dare sighed. “That aside, I came to take you to the movies.”
“You are kidding me, right?” I asked, as I folded my arms. “What responsible lady goes to the movie early in the morning?” I asked, glancing at the clock.
Dare raised his eyebrows in a teenager’s way. “It’s Saturday.”
“I am occupied for the day. I have to take my driving lessons, and I have to be home in time because I must go to church tomorrow.”
“I thought I already apologized.” He said, pulling a sad face.
I smiled. Dare had turned ‘babyish’. “I have to take my lessons, its important.” I replied.
“Make an exception please, I’ll teach you.” He begged, holding on to my cloth.
He was acting like a baby who waned something from his mom.
“Not sure.” I replied.
“Morning D…” Jake said, clearing his throat.

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