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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dare pounded on the front door heavily. The expression on my face was tense as I watched Dare drum on the door. I went round the house to see if the back door was open. Dogs barked in the quiet neighbourhood as the noise Dare and I made seemed to gain attentions from the neighbours. Windows flung open and I could hear screams like, “Baby’s sleeping”, “Can we have it quiet here?”
“Any luck?” Dare asked as I approached from the backyard.
“He has all the doors locked”
“Let’s call the police”
“This is a personal matter”
“Suicide might be involved”
I was clueless. “Could Paul be dead?” my thoughts were muddled up. The thought of Paul’s death sent cold shivers down my spine. I raced to the door and drummed desperately on it. Dare and I exchanged a knowing look and then he hit the door with a strong kick. I held on to Dare as we tried to make our way through the dark passage.
“Don’t move!”
A gun corked behind our heads.

“With your hands behind your heads, kneel down!” Paul ordered strictly.
Slowly, Dare and I got on our knees. Then, the lights came on.
“Who is this?” Paul asked pointing his gun at Dare.
I could never have imagined Paul with a gun. He has a very timid heart, or rather, he had. This is Paul with a gun and I really do not know what to make out of it. I got a suicide-threatening message and the case seemed more like an arrest situation.
“Turns out our little chicken learnt to fly”, I murmured underneath my breath.
“Answer the question!” He yelled with fury in his eyes.
This is the first time Paul yelled at me. Guess there is always a first time.
“And what do you care?” I answered in confidence trying to remain calm.
“Hey, who are you?” he yelled at Dare.
“I thought you would never ask”, Dare replied.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Paul retorted angrily.
“You should have directed the question to me, unless, you are scared of me”
Paul’s eyes blinked repeatedly. He did not like Dare’s confidence.
“Shut up!”
“That’s rude”
“Do you know what this is?” he asked displaying the gun proudly at Dare.
“Fortunately Yes, but I am shocked that you have no idea of what to do with it”
Paul corked the gun.

“Please Paul” I interfered desperately.
“Is this the man you left me for?”
“Stop being cynical”
“You should be proud, he is a man!”
“Paul, we weren’t working out fine”
“You never put in an effort to love me”
“You can’t force love”
Dare scoffed.
“What is your problem?” Paul yelled.
“I am touched by your story”
“Stay out of this Dare” I interfered.
Paul did not have a good way of dealing with his emotions; Dare’s confrontations seemed to make matters worse.
“You need to get over me”
“I can’t”
“Of course you can”, Dare interrupted.
“Shut up!” Paul shouted.
Paul seemed not to have control over this situation as “Shut up” got regular. I looked at my phone as its backlights went off, obviously from a missed call. I was running out of time.

“Where are you going with all this Paul?”
“I want to convince you of my love”
“Putting a bullet through your head will be just fine”, Dare said.
CLANK! The flower vase beside Dare shattered.
“I have had enough! I will not miss next time!
I eye balled Dare coldly.
“How did you ever date this Potato” Dare murmured.
“Paul, you need to get help”
“You are all the help I need, let’s try again”
Paul stared at my phone as the lights came on for the second time.
“Toni, right?”
“She is a good woman”
“Is this the part where we take our seats?” Dare asked.
Dare really started to scare me. “How couldn’t he be startled?” I thought. Before us was a loaded gun which I feel is enough to put anyone off balance, but not Dare, he could not be bothered. “Or was he pretending?”
“You guys would make a cute couple,” Paul said as he wiped a sweat from his forehead.
“Is that coming from you?” Dare asked.
“Please Dare,” I murmured.
“You had a failed relationship, how could you know a cute couple?” he continued, ignoring me.
“You are just the type of guy that suits Darlene”
“I am honoured”
Paul reached for a seat. That was my chance; I raced to him and knelt before him.
“I am sorry for hurting you”
“You can make it right”
“I don’t love you”
I have always been honest with Paul throughout our relationship. I told him that I did not love him from the onset. Dating him was wrong.
“I know” he replied.
Paul rose and cleaned the tears that were slowly gathering in his eyes and placed the gun on the table.

“You guys should leave”
“Not until you agree to see a doctor,” I said.
“Do you want to put me away for loving you?”
“I just want to help you”
“I don’t need it”
Dare stood up and dusted the ceramic dusts from his Jacket.
“Please leave”
“Get some help Paul”
“Just go Darlene”
I sighed.
“I will send you a text message in about forty-five minutes,” he said looking at his wristwatch.
“What will you do afterwards?”
“It’s my business”
I cleaned the tears in his eyes and pecked him on his cheek. It meant good-bye. I walked out of his house and life. Dare closed the door slightly as we walked out.
“Are you okay?” Dare asked as he started the engine.
“I’ll be fine” I replied staring at my wristwatch.
The journey back to the office was mute and immediately it was forty-five minutes, Paul’s text read:
“Paul is gone!”

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