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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Later that day, at about 6:45 pm, Emeka came over to Gregory’s hostel room, and they both went over to see Sandra. Greg didn’t have to do much after introducing them, as the attraction was mutual, and they kicked it off immediately. Of course he made sure not to reveal to either one of them what the other had told him in private. He just let things flow naturally.

Now he was sitting on a concrete bench, outside the female hostel. His feet rested on where his butt was meant to be, and his butt was on the top of the bench. The chemistry between Sandra and Emeka was so electrifying to watch as they shared small talk by the Suya stand a few meters away from him. He couldn’t believe he had helped make this happen.

The parking lot area outside the female hostel was brightly lit with street lights everywhere. This was a new development after the rape incident a couple of months ago. The place was livelier now, with people coming and going without fear. Cars drove past at low speed, with guys in them, checking out girls; trees making swishing sounds from the sea breeze that came in with a rush intermittently. He sat there, with a book in his hand. Sandra had given it to him to read earlier on when they had been in her room, gushing on and on about the author. He usually didn’t read fiction, but didn’t want to turn it down because he knew she was nervous at the time, and he didn’t want to make her more uneasy.

He held up the black book in the bright light and read the white writing on it. Kayode Odusanya was written in bold white letters at the top, and All in One Night was written in italics at the bottom. He found it odd that the author name was more pronounced than the title of the book. The first page had the usual copyright formal writings, and as he turned to the next page, the first line of the first chapter caught his attention, and then he read the next, and the next, till he was turning pages.

He was too engrossed in reading to notice someone had stopped in front of him, till she said, “Hello” In a soft voice.
He looked up from the book, and there she was, standing in front of him, in her lovely designed blue Ankara gown, with an angelic smile on her face.
“Hi.”He responded and put the book away.
She looked at him closer before saying, “We are in the same department, right?”
“Yea, I guessed as much.” She said with a smile. “I’m Toluwani…Toluwani Badmus.” She added.
“I’m Greg…Gregory.”
“Wait, so your surname is Ory?” She said and they both laughed.

After the laughter came an uncomfortable silence, and then she said “listen, umm! The book you are reading, where did you get it?”
Gregory examined the book’s front and back before saying, “Oh, my friend gave it to me.”
“Really? I have been looking for it all week. I even went to the bookshop earlier today to see if they had gotten it.”
“Yea. I’m a fan of the author. I…Umm! Can I read after you’re done?”
“No problem.”
“Cool. Umm! So, I guess I’ll see you around?” She said with an outstretched hand. He shook it and their eyes locked for a few seconds, before she slowly withdrew her hand and walked away. He was thinking of jumping off the bench and following her when she stopped, turned around and started walking back to him. “So…like when do you think you will be done with the book?”
“Well… I don’t know. Maybe like three days.”
“Okay. I’ll come looking for you in three days then.” She said with a laugh and walked off again.

She hadn’t taken more than five steps when she suddenly stopped, walked back to him and said, “Can you read a bit faster? Kayode Odusanya books are usually not that long. I’m sure you can finish it in a day.”
He smiled before saying, “Okay, for you, I’ll finish by tomorrow afternoon.”
“Great.” She said, but didn’t move away. Then she got up and sat next to him on the bench before saying, “You know what, maybe you can let me read just a tiny bit of the book first.” And they both laughed. He handed her the book, and she put it next to her chest and smiled at him.

“You’ll have it for me in the morning?”
“Most definitely.” She said and looked at him for a few seconds before adding, “It’s funny how…” She was saying and stopped to look up at the sky. A shooting star had just whistled across the night sky. “Did you wish for anything?”
“What?”He said and leaned in to hear her better.
“That was a shooting star…Did you make a wish?”
“Well…nope, I didn’t.” He said with a smile. “My wish already got answered.”

The End

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