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Sunday, 15 April 2018

He had been in the office a lot in the last couple of months, but today he was in it alone. Professor Adelaja had stepped out to receive a call he suspected was from his mistress. Gregory looked up at the wooden book shelf from where he sat and wondered if the Professor ever read any of the old dusty looking books stacked up in there. He turned to the side to look at the small white refrigerator beside the couch he was sitting on and he got tempted to look in it. There had been rumors making rounds that the professor loved to take a few shots of whisky and wash it down with lemon water before coming to class. He wanted to know if that was where the Professor hid his liquor.

He got up and was hit with a blast of cold air from the old air conditioner fixed to the wall. He took a few steps back, and turned around. The glass door on the book shelf reflected his image back to him, and he walked towards it to check himself out. The new white and black check shirt he had one matched perfectly with the black jeans he was wearing. ‘You’re tall, dark, and good looking, but you still can’t get girls.’ He remembered his friend, James making fun of him in the hostel a few days back.

He looked away and walked over to the refrigerator, with his eyes on the opened Apple laptop on the Professor’s desk, wondering whether if he should snoop around there too. He shrugged off the thought, took a crouching position and was about to open the refrigerator when he heard the professor’s croaky voice outside the door. He made it back to his seat just in time as the door opened.

With squinted eyes and his glasses a little lower than normal down his nose bridge, the short and chubby man in a grey Safari suit studied Gregory for a few seconds in silence. Then a message notification came in on Gregory’s Tecno Android phone, with a girl’s face on it. He grabbed the phone and put it in sleep mood as the man walked past him to his seat.

“So, you’re doing the online dating thing.” The man said as he took his seat. It caught Gregory off guard and he was dumbfounded. He just stared at the man with a sheepish smile on his face. “My son…”The professor was saying then stopped to look into space. He took off his glasses, put them on the table, and rested his head on his balled up fist. “Let’s talk about you dating life.”
After a chuckle, Gregory said, “Sir, I….I…” He stuttered a few times.

“The universe gives freely, but first you have to give something to the universe.” The man said all of a sudden. Gregory looked at him quizzically, wondering what he man was talking about. “The spiritual controls the physical. Whatever happens in the physical is just a reflection of what was planted in the spiritual; cause and effect.” He added with a smile. “Gregory, if you want a girlfriend, go and help someone get a girlfriend.”
“Sir…I…I don’t have a girlfriend…I don’t think I am in the best position to help someone else get a girlfriend.” He said with a chuckle.

“That’s where you are wrong my boy.” The man said very fast with his head cocked forward and he startled Greg. “Trust me; there is someone out there you can help get a girlfriend.”
“Okay.” Gregory said and waited for the man to say more.
“Yes. And don’t worry; you will sense it when it is time.”
“When it is time for what sir?” Greg said; looking at the man strangely.
“When it is time to help the universe do a little work.” He said and got off his seat to walk towards where Gregory was seated. “Now, go out and have fun. You’re young.” He added as he urged Greg out of his office.

“But sir, we haven’t…”
“Don’t worry; we’ll work on it tomorrow.” The man said before locking the door to his office.
Gregory stood outside the professor’s office door for a few seconds, wondering what just happened, and then he shrugged before walking off.

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