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Sunday, 11 June 2017

They got to the police station and Peter was shouting at the police officers saying "They have no right at all to arrest him when they have no solid proof of him stealing". Peter thought Franklin had no proof.

Franklin went to the police station a few seconds later and asked the police to give him few minutes to talk with Peter alone which they gave him.

After the Police men left, Franklin swung to Peter with a smile all over.

Peter: Sir what is all this?

Franklin: I told to you that you will settle Kelvin by all means and this is one way to accomplishing that

Peter: You told me yet arresting me with no proof of me stealing from you won't make me to settle him

Franklin: That's where you are wrong in light of the fact that I have enough proof

Peter: If you do have any, then let me see them.

Franklin brought some document and showed them to Peter. Peter collected the document and saw they are photocopies of the documents of the house and three plot of lands he purchased when he was still learning trade with Franklin.

Peter: How did you get these?

Franklin: I have my methods for discovering things just the way you discovered  that Kelvin has a baby mama. I knew you stole from me yet despite everything I settled you.

Peter: Sir despite everything you have no solid evidence against me in light of the fact that these document here are not the originals but photocopies

Franklin: Peter that is where you are wrong again because i have the originals as well.

Peter: You can't have the original documents because they are with me

Franklin: Let's see about as well

Franklin showed him another document and Peter was exceptionally stunned to see the original document with Franklin

Peter: Where did you get these from?

Franklin: That's story for another day Peter

Those original documents were given to Franklin by Kate because she also wanted justice for Kelvin.

Peter knows that if Franklin should sue him, he would win so he chose to beg Franklin

Peter: Sir I am prepared to settle Kelvin but please don't take the case to court

Franklin: I won't tune in to your own please same way you didn't tune in to Kelvin's own. This is the ideal opportunity for me to recover all you stole from me. See you in court.

Franklin went out while Peter was lamenting why he refused to settle Kelvin in the first place if he known Franklin was going to arrest him for stealing from him.

Peter didn't want the case to get to court because he knows that it he won't win. He told the police that he will pay Franklin all the money he stole and everything was calculated and the aggregate cash he paid was 8 million Naira. The police gave the money to Franklin but Franklin called Kelvin to his store and gave him the entire 8 million.

Ekene was exceptionally amaze so he asked Franklin why he arrested Peter because of the money just for him to end up giving him the money and Franklin revealed to him that "he just arrested Peter because he wanted Justice for what Peter did to him(Kelvin)".

Kelvin collected the cash and disclosed to Franklin that "he will always stay thankful to him and also obliged to him"

Kelvin use four million to set up a business which was fruitful and kept the rest in the bank.

Kelvin was able to give his mum, Ifeoma and Uchenna the type of life he has has always wanted to give them and he later got married to Ifeoma.


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