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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It has been a long time since Kelvin's child (Uchenna who he named after his late father) was brought forth and not notwithstanding for once did Franklin neglected to give Kelvin the month to month stipend he guaranteed him.

Kelvin has been happy of late on the grounds that he is certain that he will be settled soon since he has finished his eight years of learning trade.

One night, Kelvin was in his room when their maid came to call him to tell him that his master needs to see him.

Kelvin quickly got up from his bed to the living room where his master is. Kelvin greeted  Peter and Kate but Kate was the one that instructed him to sit which he did

Peter : Kelvin

Kelvin : Sir!

Peter: I trust you know why I sent for you?

Kelvin : No sir

Peter: Since you don't know I will tell you. Kelvin you have  learnt trade from me for a long time right?

Kelvin : Yes sir

Peter : And now you have learn the trade for a long time which means am supposed to settle you however that won't happen .

Kelvin : Why sir? have I done anything wrong to you for as far back as eight years?

Peter: No you haven't done that to me however what you did is far most exceedingly bad

Kate: What did he do?

Peter: This kid you see here that we assumed to be a holy person is only a liar and a cheat who has been stealing from me

Kelvin : Sir I have never stolen from you

Peter: Will you shut your mouth there, did I even ask you to talk?

Kate: Why are you accusing this kid wrongly or is any of your cash missing?

Peter  : (trying to ignore his wife's question)Kate since you believe am accusing  him wrongly then inquire from him if he doesn't have a baby mama and furthermore inquire as to whether he didn't take N70,000 from me to pay for his baby mama's hospital bills.

Kate: What do you mean by Kelvin having a baby mama?

Peter : This Kelvin you see here impregnated a young lady five years ago under our nose without us knowing

Kate: (turning to confront Kelvin) Is it true that you have a baby mother?

Kelvin : Yes ma but I didn't take any money from my master

Kate: I trust Kelvin since I have tried him endless times to check if he will steal from me but not once did he steal

Peter : If am lying then he should tell me where he got all the money he has been using  to take care of his son.

Kate: Kelvin please reveal to us where you got the cash from because I know you didn't steal it

Kelvin : Oga Franklin has been the person taking care of my child and he is also  the person  that gave me the N70,000 for the operation

Peter : Which Franklin?

Kelvin : Sir the one you learned trade from

Peter : You are lying and, guess what? Am tired and tired of every of your lies. Initially you impregnated a young lady, then you stole from me and as if that was not enough, you have the guts to lie with my master's name so now I need you to leave  my house right now.

Kelvin and Kate begged him not to ask Kelvin to leave for good but he didn't listen

Peter: No level of begging will alter my opinion. So get out

Peter left them in the parlor and went to his room. Kate gave some cash to Kelvin and instructed him to leave as Peter had said but promised to help talk with her Husband.

Kelvin went to Ifeoma's house.

Kate entered their room just to meet her husband lying on the bed

Kate: Honey what you simply did to Kelvin is so bad.  That kid didn't steal from you and I am certain you were just using that as an excuse for you not to settle that kid which is awful of you. I need you to also  recall that you stole from your master but nevertheless  he still settled you.

Peter: He settled me because I played my cards well. He never got to know  that I stole a considerable amount from him.

Kate: Peter please I beg of you to make the best decision

Peter : Which is?

Kate: To settle Kelvin

Peter : Oh I see!

Kate: You see what?

Peter : You love that kid that is the reason you are requesting that I settle him after we discover that he stole from us. How am I even sure that  you were not sleeping with him under my nose

Kate: So you are trying to blame me for Infidelity because am encouraging you to make the best decision which is for you to settle Kelvin?I even need you to tell me how you got to know about Kelvin's baby mama.

Peter : The hospital where the baby mama put to birth belongs to my friend and he was the one that let me know everything.

Kate: That implies it has been long you knew about the baby mama but u kept it to yourself with the aim to use it against him when you need to settle him right? But, let me tell you this now, Kelvin's God will fight for him.

Peter answered her saying "God won't fight for him because I made the best choice" and he left the bedroom for his wife.

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