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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The thought that came flashing through his mind was for him to go and meet Franklin Chiwendu who learned his own particular master trade for the money. He was almost certain Frank will give him the cash since he has seen the man for like three times and he appears to him like a pleasant man.

Kelvin has gotten to the front of Franklin's shop and abruptly he became anxious, Kelvin even chose to go back but  he recalled that Franklin is his last hope, he gathered all the bravery he needs to enter the shop.

Kelvin welcomed Franklin and he answered him with a grin. Franklin instructed him to sit and Kelvin disclosed why he came to his shop that day and he likewise disclose what he needed to use the Money for without skipping a section.

Franklin : So you got a Lady pregnant?

Kelvin: Yes sir but it was a Mistake

The Word Mistake got Franklin all started up

Franklin: Young boy if i hear that word "mistake" from your mouth once more, I will slap you. Now, when you were Sleeping with her,was it a Mistake?

Kelvin: No sir

Franklin: Then why her being Pregnant be a Mistake or when you were sleeping with her you didn't know she will get pregnant right?

Kelvin: Sir i have no intention to state her being pregnant was a mistake

Franklin: Then I would prefer not to hear that word mistake from you once more

Kelvin: Okay sir

Franklin: Can I put forth only two inquiries?

Kelvin: Yes sir

Franklin asked Kelvin the inquiries which was "the reason he didn't deny being the father" and "why he didn't steal his master's money rather than him coming to him for the money" and he was truly inspired with Kelvin's answers

Frank: Kelvin I should admit that I am truly inspire with your answers that is the reason I  will give you the money you required for the operation.

Kelvin: Thank you sir.

Franklin opened his drawer and brought out one wrap of N1000 notes and offered it to Kelvin however Kelvin thought Franklin didn't hear the sum he disclosed to him that he required so he chose to let him know

Kelvin: Sir this is N100,000

Frank: I know

Kelvin: But sir I asked for N70,000

Franklin: i gave you N100,000 in light of the fact that i need you to use the rest of the N30,000 to purchase infant things for your child. I would have given you more  however this is the main cash I have with me here in the shop presently but I will be given you monthly allowance  you can use to take care of your child.

Kelvin: Thank you so much sir. Am truly thankful. May God keep on blessing you.

Franklin: Amen Kelvin

Kelvin: Sir please promise me you won't tell my master that I impregnated a young lady

Franklin: obviously I won't let him know. Your secret is sheltered with me

Kelvin expressed gratitude toward him and hurriedly left the shop to the hospital to pay for Ifeoma's operation bills

The operation was done successful and Ifeoma brought forth a baby boy. Kelvin was so happy but Ifeoma is to be discharged in three days time.

Kelvin suggest to Ifeoma that they should  take the baby to his mum Adaeze but Ifeoma refused  saying that she wouldn't like to be separated from her child.

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