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Friday, 26 May 2017

Six months later

Kelvin was in his shop taking care of few clients when his Phone began to ring.

Kelvin checked the caller ID yet he discovered that the caller's ID is a strange number. Kelvin picked the call thinking the caller was a client.

Caller: Hello!

Kelvin : Hello!

Caller: Please am I talking with Kelvin?

Kalvin : Yes and who am I talking with?

Caller: Am Chioma, Ifeoma's friend. She approached me to call you for her

Kelvin: Okay. How is she?

Chioma: She is fine but she is in Labor

Kelvin: Okay yet where is she now?

Chioma: i conveyed her to the clinic so she is in the maternity ward

Kelvin: Please message me the hospital's address and I will be on my way however would I be able to ask you some help?

Chioma: Which is?

Kelvin: Please remain with her in the Hospital for me

Chioma: Okay

Kelvin finished the call, immediately taken care of the clients and fortunately for him, his Master travelled. Kelvin misled the sales girls that his master had call him to inform him that some of their products has just  arrived and he needs to take the people that conveyed the people to the warehouse where they can off load the goods.

Fifteen minutes have passed however Kelvin is yet to see any keke. Kelvin was going to begin trekking when he locate a keke coming towards his direction and he rapidly stop and entered it without bartering with the kekeman.

The kekeman got to a specific intersection and stop when he saw other vehicle drivers halting. He asked another kekeman what the problem was and he was told  that two autos were involved in an accident.

On hearing that, Kelvin chose to trek because he needs to get to the hospital on time. Kelvin brought out cash to pay the kekeman however the kekeman declined to collect  the cash.

It took Kelvin thirty minutes to get to the hospital . He briskly entered the hospital and met a woman sitting at the reception. His instinct  revealed to him that that Lady was the lady he had talked with on the telephone couple of hours back so he chose to start up a discussion with her initially to know whether she is Chioma or not.

Kelvin greeted the lady and he inquired from her whether she is Chioma and she said "Yes".

Kelvin asked her how Ifeoma was doing, she answered him by saying " The Doctors haven't revealed to her anything for as far back as two hours she conveyed Ifeoma to the Hospital". What's more, that left Kelvin pacing forward and backward in the hospital.

A hour has passed and Kelvin is yet to see any  doctor coming out of the Maternity Ward so he chose to go meet the specialist in the maternity ward ,but when he was about heading there, the doctor came out and disclosed to him that Ifeoma can't deliver without an operation  so he need to  deposit N70,000 for them to do an operation.

Kelvin advised the doctors to do the operation while he goes to the bank to withdraw cash which was a lie.

Kelvin left the hospital lost in thought since he has nobody or anyplace he will have the capacity to get the cash from. He thought of approaching Kate for the cash but he  later ruled against it since he was worried about the possibility that that his Master will get the chance to discover and once that happens  it implies end of him learning trade.

Kelvin was all the while thinking about a method for raising the cash when an idea came blazing through his brain

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