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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Consistently, Kelvin wasn't acting naturally in the shop. A few clients and the two sales girls who really think about him asked him what was wrong however he revealed to them nothing and even gave them a consoling grin which wasn't from the depth of his heart to guarantee them that he is fine.

At long last closing time came and Kelvin stuffed his things, close the shop and said "farewell" to the sales girls before entering a keke that will take him Home.

Kelvin returned home and welcomed Kate yet she being a decent observer, watched that there was some kind of problem with him so she chose to get back to him to discover what it is

Kate: Kelvin

Kelvin: Ma

Kate: Please come here

Kelvin strolled to where Kate was taking a seat

Kate: Kelvin what's troubling you?

Kelvin: Ma there is nothing troubling me. Am quite recently tired from today's work *he lied*

Kate: Kelvin we both realize that you are lying. For as long as three years you have come to learn trade with my husband, I have possessed the capacity to know all your mood and the mood you are in now plainly reveals to me that something is annoying you. And furthermore remember that an issue shared is an issue half settled.

Kelvin: Ma I truly value your care but the thing is am recently missing my mum

Kate knew he was lying so she had a go at constraining him to reveal to her reality however when she saw that regardless of how she attempted to weight him, he won't disclose to her what's annoying him so she chose to let him be.

Kate: Since you would prefer not to reveal to me what's pestering you, I won't drive you. Kelvin you can now go to your room your supper is in the Kitchen when you are ready to eat it.

Kelvin said "alright" and left for his room. That night Kelvin didn't have his dinner as  that was not his issue that minute.

The following day Kelvin was the first to wake up since he couldn't get much sleep.

Kelvin arranged for church and went to take consent from Kate in light of the fact that he need to go and see Ifeoma so he won't returned home straight from church and Kate enabled him to go see the friend he had advised her without her realizing that the companion is really a girl.

Kelvin went to the church yet he didn't sit tight for the Service to end before going out.

He got to her house and knocked on the entryway. Few moments later, Ifeoma came to open the entryway.

Ify: Good morning Kelvin.

Kelvin: Morning Ify. How are you ?

Ify: Am fine. It would be ideal if you come in

Kelvin went into the house and sat on her bed since she has no seat in her room. I even neglected to disclose to you that Ifeoma is an Orphan and she remains alone.

The room was loaded with an unbalanced quiet on the grounds that neither of them said a word to each other. Five Minutes have passed and Kelvin chose to end the hush.

Kelvin: Ify what are we going to do concerning the pregnancy?

Ify: I don't know however one thing I know is that am not going to have an abortion

Kelvin: That implies you need to keep it?

Ifeoma: I would prefer not to have an Innocent life's blood in my grasp and I may even risk my own particular life while doing the abortion so am keeping it.

Kelvin: Ify please recall that I am still learning Trade and if my Master get the chance to discover, he will send me back to the Village

Kelvin's announcement got Ifeoma all started up.

Ify: Kelvin you now realize that you are still learning trade on the grounds that am presently pregnant abi? In any case, you didn't realize that when you were persuading me to have s-x with you or when we were both appreciating the s-x.

Kelvin: I figure that turned out the wrong way. Ify what I implied with my word was that i will assume full liability of the child however I don't need my master to know about it.

Ify: If your master discovering is the thing that you fear, then you don't have to stress in light of the fact that the infant will be under my care. All I require from you is for you to give him your name when he comes into this world and furthermore for you to help me with minimal expenditure to deal with his needs now and again.

Kelvin: I figure we now have an answer for our issue?

Ify: Yes

Kelvin took  some time discussing with Ify before going back home that day.

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