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Monday, 22 May 2017

Kelvin is a 20year old guy whose dream is to complete his education yet when things turned out to be hard for him and his mum, he chose to learn trade.

Mr Peter who is an importer and exporter of furniture went to the village amid Christmas period and Kelvin's mum Adaeze went to him to explain him regarding her child's expectation of learning trade and luckily for her, Peter consented to prepare him and a day was arranged for Kelvin to leave for the city.

Kelvin was in his room parking all his clothes inside the only Ghana must go bag he has when his mum came and sat him down to give him a advice any mother would give her child who is going to learn trade in the city and consequently, Kelvin guaranteed to be on his best conduct when he arrives and never to take from his master.

The trip from Kelvin's village to the city took them over ten hours and when they got to Peter's home, it was late.

Peter's spouse, Kate welcomed Kelvin with a welcoming grin and her husband with an embrace. Kate asked to her house help to take Kelvin to his room. She likewise asked Kelvin to go freshen up and come for dinner.

After food, Kate told Kekvin to go to his bedroom to have a good night rest since she was almost certain he should has been drained after the trip.

The following day Peter took Kelvin to his shop and asked one of his sales girl to put him through every one of the things he has to know concerning the shop.

Kelvin going to the city was a blessing from heaven to him on the grounds that in Peter's home he wasn't dealt with like a servant yet he was dealt with like a member from the family. Furthermore, Peter isn't the sort that stays home always on the grounds that he do travel always. Kate then again, gave Kelvin the freedom he needs and she has never for once complain of anything he does possibly this is on account of she liking him the first day she saw him.

It has been more than three years now since Kelvin has been learning trade with Peter and not notwithstanding for once has he at any point had any issue with his master, master's spouse or anyone around him.

Kate have once revealed to her better half that if Kelvin kept being the great guy he is, that he (Peter) would settle him before that eight years he is assume to spend with them learning trade.

In that three years Kelvin met Ifeoma who he fell in love with and as well began dating. Kelvin made a decent showing with regards to in keeping his relationship with Ifeoma a secret.

One morning, Kelvin was about opening the shop when his telephone began ringing. kelvin at first would not like to pick the call yet when the telephone began ringing for the second time, he chose to check the caller ID.

Kelvin checked the caller. He found that the caller was Ifeoma so he immediately picked the call and the following discussion occurred.

Kelvin: Hello Ify

Ifeoma: Good morning

At the point when Ekene heard her voice, he realize that all is not cool with her

Kelvin: Morning my dear. Why does your voice sounds like you are not alright?

Ifeoma: I'm pregnant

Kelvin: What? When did you find that you are pregnant?

Ifeoma: I haven't seen my period for as long as three months now

Kelvin: But that doesn't mean you are pregnant at this point. Go to the doctor and affirm it first

Ify: I went to the doctor three days back and I was told to return the next today. What's more, Am just returning from the clinic and the outcome is positive which means am pregnant

Kelvin: What are we going to do now?

Ify: I don't have the foggiest idea about that is the reason I called to know if we can meet tomorrow since its Sunday and converse about the pregnancy

Kelvin just said "Alright" and ends the call.

"What am I going to do now?"

"Would it be a good idea for me to deny her and the pregnancy?"

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